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Buy Epitalon from Russia!

Epitalon (Epithalon, AGAG, AEDG) is a synthetic peptide made of four amino acids: alanine, glutamic acid, aspartic acid, and glycine (Ala–Glu–Asp–Gly). It was developed three decades ago at the St. Petersburg Institute of Bioregulation and Gerontology by prof. Vladimir Khavinson, whose research focused on the development of peptide preparations that could be used to restore function in various organs in order to prevent and reverse the aging process. Long-term clinical trials of this drug were conducted in the same university.

What are the short peptides? 

Epitalon spray is a new generation drug based on short peptide technologies. There are 20 naturally occurring amino acids and they can be combined into a variety of different molecules. When a molecule consists of 2–4 amino acids it is called a short peptide, when it consists of 5–50 amino acids it is called a long peptide, whereas a larger chain of >50 amino acids generally is referred to as a protein.

What are the beneficial characteristics of the short peptides?

  • The molecular-cellular mechanism of action of short peptides allows to quickly increase the number of cells of any tissue of the body (cartilage, muscles, bones, blood vessels, etc.);
  • The biotechnological feature of the action of short peptides classifies them as cell-penetrating peptides (CPPs);
  • Scientifically proven ability to increase telomerase;
  • Short peptides have an organ-specific effect and are most natural in origin;
  • Short peptides are completely safe being part of the natural metabolism of the body.


Epitalon ultra-short peptide activates telomerase. As recent studies show, this enzyme fights carcinogenesis (the development of cancerous tumors) and suppresses the cancer gene. The cancer gene is responsible for the formation of new cancer cells. Epitalon polypeptide alters telomerase activity, adds nucleotides – telomeres to the DNA chain which helps to stabilize telomeres. Telomeres also have an effect on cell aging: as they get shorter, the aging process begins. Epitalon counteracts this.

Epitalon is obtained by targeted design based on amino acid analysis of epithalamin that is secreted by the Epiphysis (pineal gland). The epiphysis is located in the very center of the brain and plays a key role in the human endocrine system. It produces about 40 types of bioactive compounds and has an effect not only on the overall physical health, but also on our mental balance. The pineal gland affects age-related changes in the body. Some scientists believe that the aging process begins in it. Failure in its work leads to chronic insomnia, jet lag, depression, obesity, etc. Disruption of biorhythms has a carcinogenic effect on the cells of the body. The pineal gland peptides restore healthy pineal gland function. The result of using Epitalon is a general improvement of the body, restoration of sleep, and normalization of metabolism. Due to the fact that epiphysis peptides in Epitalon have a short nano formula, they act quickly and come into effect almost instantly. 

Epitalon has gained recognition in Europe for its speed of action and its special properties to regulate Melatonin an important hormone in the human body. Due to the properties of peptides, which are called peptide bioregulation, peptides of the pineal gland in the composition of Epitalon help to activate the body’s own resources and normalize the production of its own endogenous melatonin. 

You can buy Epitalon for:

  • Sleep disorders (it accelerates falling asleep, improves sleep quality, reduces the number of night awakenings, improves well-being after waking up in the morning);
  • Fatigue, stress;
  • Weakened immunity;
  • Disruption of human biorhythms;
  • Jet lag (sleep disturbance after long flights);
  • Hormonal disorders.


Epitalon is manufactured by NANOPEP in Portugal (EU). It has global GMP certification, which guarantees high quality and safety of the product. 

We offer great prices and fast shipping if you want to buy Epitalon from our store.

Epitalon comes in the form of an oral spray, in a 20 ml bottle, with which the peptide is directly delivered into the bloodstream, without passing through the digestive system. This ensures faster and better absorption of the active ingredient in comparison to tablets. 

Composition (mg) per 6 pulverizations (1 ml) – daily dosage: 

Peptide complex: 0.500
Alanine 0.125
Glutamic acid 0.125
Aspartic acid 0.125
Glycine 0.125


The result of using Epitalon will be an improvement in the quality of sleep, vigor, the general strengthening of the body’s protective functions, and the normalization of the immune system at the cellular level.

Dosage and administration

Epitalon spray is applied sublingually. Spray 3 times under the tongue twice per day before the meal in the morning and in the afternoon for 20 days. It is advised to repeat the course every 4–6 months.


Not recommended for children and adolescents. It is not recommended to exceed the dose without a doctor’s prescription.


Epitalon is not a hormonal drug. It does not have a toxic effect on the body. It has no side effects and does not cause complications and drug dependence. Due to its mild effect, it does not cause complications on the liver and kidneys. 

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