Leuzea P [Maral root]

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Leuzea (Rhaponticum) has been used in traditional Siberian medicine to bolster both physical and mental performance (especially after illness). The major requirement associated with Leuzea is the enhancement of physical strength and muscle protein synthesis. The other indications for use include mental and physical fatigue, asthenia, exhaustion, decreased mental and physical capacity, irritability, headache, chronic alcoholism, erectile dysfunction.

Leuzea regulates the nervous, sensory, hormonal, cardiovascular and digestive systems, metabolism and energy, immunity and reproduction. In case of deviations and failures in the system of homeostasis, the mechanisms of self-regulation and restoration of the vital functions of the body to the optimum values ​​are activated; regulates the production, utilization and balance of specific products of metabolism, corrects the immunodeficiency and maladaptive states.

Leuzea has a tonic, adaptogenic, and antioxidant effect; reduces allergic reactions, dermatitis, asthmatic and autoimmune conditions, normalizes the activity of the endocrine system of the body; restores humoral and cellular immunity, has a nootropic and psycho-energizing action.

Many users report that Leuzea promotes clarity of mind and gives energy like coffee, but does not overstimulate your nervous system. So you can stay awake and productive not worrying about agitation and headache.

Buy Leuzea P for use for:

  • adaptation of the body to increased physical and mental stress,
  • performance enhancement,
  • cheerfulness,
  • recovery after serious illness and exhaustion,
  • reduction of fatigue, irritability,
  • libido stimulation (due to the high content of ecdysten).

Leuzea P is recommended for athletes to prepare for competitions, because it:

  • increases the amplitude of the heartbeat,
  • expands peripheral blood vessels and increases blood flow,
  • removes lactic acid from the muscles
  • increases endurance, reduces fatigue.

Read more about natural adaptogens.

Dosage and administration: 2-3 Leuzea (Rhaponticum) pills should be taken 3 times a day with food during 2-3 weeks. Side effects (rarely): headache, sleep disturbance, allergic reactions, hypertension and indigestion. Contraindications: hyperexcitability, insomnia, hypertension, pregnancy and lactation, apparent atherosclerosis, cardiac disturbance, epilepsy, hypersensitivity, age below 12 years. Special instructions: the supplement contains vitamin C. Country of manufacture: Russia. To be used as a food supplement.
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