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Tenoten is a homeopathic drug that is claimed to produce an anxiolytic and nootropic effects.

The manufacturer claims that the mechanisms of these effects are attributed to the antibodies against S-100 protein: at ultra-low doses, they exert GABA-mimetic and neurotrophic actions, up-regulate stress-limiting systems and contribute to the restoration of neuroplasticity. However, many people say that the effect of this drug is mostly attributed to placebo because the amount of the active ingredient is too small to have any effect.

Buy Tenoten to treat the following functional disorders:

  • Neurotic and neurosis-like disorders
  • Psychosomatic diseases
  • Stress-induced disorders with increased tensions
  • Irritability, anxiety, and autonomic reactions
  • Mild to moderate organic CNS disorders.

Read full instruction here.

Country of Manufacture: Russia

Dosage and administration One or two tablets should be administered at a time (tablets are to be held in the mouth until their complete dissolution; not to be taken with food). In mild to moderate conditions, the drug is taken twice daily; when the symptoms are more intense, up to 4 times daily. The drug is usually prescribed for 1 to 3 months but can also be taken two to three days before a stressful event (e.g. presentation, important meeting, etc.). Depending on the chosen regimen, one pack is sufficient for a course of 5 - 15 days. Side effects Side effects were not established. Overdose No cases of overdose have been reported so far. Note When not treated, emotional stress tends to have physical manifestations. Dosage and frequency regimens are chosen based on the intensity and the duration of clinical symptoms. Country of Manufacture: Russia You can read the full instruction here
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