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Thymalin is a polypeptide medicine containing extract of cattle thymus in proportion 10 mg per vial.

This medication induces proliferation and differentiation of T lymphocytes (Thymus-dependent lymphocytes) precursors into mature T cells, stabilises the T lymphocyte subpopulations ratio, regulates the T and B lymphocyte interaction and activates phagocytic function in neutrophils, microphages, monocytes and NK cells (Natural-killer cells).

Thymalin was developed in 1974 from calf thymus. In 1992, it was registered as an immunomodulator.


Thymalin is recommended for adults and children from six months of age:

  • as a part of complex therapy of bacterial and chlamydia infections (in gynaecology and urology);
  • as a part of complex therapy of acute and chronic inflammatory infections that are accompanied by impairment of cellular immunity (treatment of osteomyelitis, prostatitis, etc.);
  • for preventing the suppression of immunity, hematogenesis and regeneration processes in the post-traumatic and post-operative period (treatment of full-thickness burns and frostbites);
  • during radiotherapy or chemotherapy treatment and while taking massive doses of antibiotics (in oncology);
  • for prevention and complex treatment of viral infections, including URI (upper respiratory infection) and influenza (treating children with frequent and long-term illnesses).

Here are some more benefits of Thymalin peptide:

  • Thymalin is a natural physiological immunostimulant, buy it to stabilise the immune response and regulate the T and B cell ratio. Thymalin has a broader application scope. It can be used in case of immunosuppression of any origin and is compatible with antiviral medication.
  • Thymalin is suitable for children aged 6 months or older. The fact that children as young as 6 months of age are allowed to take this medicine proves its safety. When applied in accordance with dosage regimen, the medication does not cause side reactions and is well tolerated.
  • Thymalin produces a mild, natural physiological immunological effect without disturbing (over-stimulating) the immune response. The regeneration enhancement (the second component of the action of Thymalin) provides for better healing time with no side effects.
  • The reliability of Thymalin is confirmed by more than 40 years of experience in clinical use.

The results of the clinical use of Thymalin in paediatrics

The clinical observation confirms the safety of thymus medications use in children, including infants.

  • Thymus mediciations can be the drugs of choice, when included in the complex therapy of severe diseases of viral and viral-bacterial etiology in children of any age.
  • Thymus mediciations can be used as monotherapy in children with frequent ARVI (acute respiratory viral infections), especially in children with a history of thymomegaly (thymic hyperplasia).
  • Long-term results (up to 17 years of observation) of treatment with thymus mediciations indicate their protective effect. None of the children during the follow-up period (for 17 years) had repeated pneumonia, relapses of osteomyelitis, sepsis, candidiasis of the skin and mucous membranes, candidal meningitis or infective endocarditis.

Thymalin in oncology

The use of Thymalin can significantly reduce the frequency of metastasis of malignant tumors by 2.3 times

Using Thymalin to treat children with chronic gastroduodenitis

Sample: 34 patients with chronic gastroduodenitis aged 10-16 years.
Thymalin treatment significantly reduced the number of hemolyzed cells. The use of Thymalin in treating chronic gastroduodenitis helps alleviate clinical manifestations of the disease and inhibits the processes of excessive lipid peroxidation.

The impact of Thymalin on the cytokine dynamics in children with infective endocarditis

Thymalin treatment provides a higher stability of the cytokine level.

The impact of Thymalin on the haemostatic system in patients with urgent and complicated acute appendicitis

The use of Thymalin in combination with standard therapy leads to the stabilisation of blood clotting and fibrinolysis and eliminates the manifestations of DIC (disseminated intravascular coagulation)

Using Thymalin to treat children with CLD (chronic lung disease)

Sample: 28 children with CLD (16 with bronchiectasis and 12 with chronic bronchitis deformans)
The use of Thymalin significantly enhances the CLD treatment and stabilises cellular and humoral immunity.

Buy Thymalin to help reduce the disease duration, restore the immune system and prevent or significantly reduce the likelihood of developing complications.

Read full instruction here.

Formulation Thymalin is a polypeptide medicine containing extract of cattle thymus in proportion 10 mg per bottle. Pharmacological effect This medication restores the immune reactivity (by regulating the ratio and interaction of T and B lymphocytes and the subpopulations thereof, stimulating the cellular immunity and enhancing the phagocytosis), prevents the suppression of regeneration and hematogenesis and enhances cell metabolism. Application and dosage Dilute the content of one bottle in 1-2 ml of isotonic solution of sodium chloride before injection. The medication is applied intramuscularly daily: dosage for adults is 5-20 mg (a course of 30-100 mg), for infants under 1 year - 1 mg; for 1-3 year olds - 1.5-2 mg; for 4-6 year olds - 2-3 mg; for 7-14 year olds - 3-5 mg over 3-10 days. If necessary, the treatments can be repeated after 1-6 month. As a prevention, the medication is applied intramuscularly daily, adults 5-10 mg, children 1-5 mg over 3-5 days. Compatibility Thymalin is highly compatible with other medicines. You can read the full instruction here
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