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Trekresan (or Trekrezan) is an immunomodulating drug having pronounced adaptogenic properties. Its active ingredient is oxyethylammonium methylphenoxyacetate which is similar in structure to such human and plant molecules as choline, lecithine and indole-3-acetic acid.

The preparation was developed by professor M.G. Voronkov and his team of scientists in 1972. Testing proved that the new substance is close to herbal and natural adaptogens in its effect.

Oxyethylammonium methylphenoxyacetate has been a subject of thorough study for 20 years since the discovery. It has been studied by dozens of scientific bodies in Saint Petersburg, Moscow and Novosibirsk. The studies there focused primarily on determining the adaptogenic properties of the drug, namely the performance enhancement properties under severe climate conditions and its immunomodulating effect.

Buy Trekresan to restore immune system, increase endurance and mental performance, neutralize toxins and increase body resistance towards hypoxia, high and low temperatures and other adverse environmental factors.

The preparation stimulates production of Interferon-alpha and Interferon-gamma proteins, enhances and adjusts the immune status by stimulating cellular and humoral immunity and activates phagocytic function in macrophages.

Trekresan has a strong antitoxic action in ethanol and organic solvents poisoning and heavy metal salts intoxication.


  • for an improvement of physical and mental performance, prevention of overwork and increasing the resistance towards various stress factors (hypoxia, overheating, overcooling);
  • for immunity strengthening (prevention and treatment of cold-related diseases, influenza, ARVI and other viral and bacterial infections);
  • in secondary immunodeficiencies, including long-term antibiotic therapy;
  • as part of complex therapy of heavy metal salts intoxication;
  • as part of complex therapy of alcohol withdrawal syndrome.

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