Trimunal is a drug based on ginseng, echinacea and liquorice. Multiple organic and inorganic components of these herbs provide for adaptogenic, immune stimulating and general tonic properties of Trimunal. It also has restorative and nootropic, stress-protective, anti-inflammatory, gastroprotective and antioxidant effects. The preparation improves, maintains and restores physical and mental performance and can be used for immunity improvement.

Ginseng enhances the neuronal excitation in brain stem and cortex, activates metabolism and improves performance.

Liquorice has adaptogenic and general tonic properties as it increases endurance, maintains and restores performance at high physical loads, has anti-inflammatory, gastroprotective and immune stimulating effects and enhances the effect of ginseng.

Echinacea activates the immune system and increases body resistance towards adverse environmental factors if used regularly.


  • during intensive and long-term mental and physical stress;
  • in case of initial manifestations of cerebrovascular insufficiency (performance decrease, fatigue and impaired memory and attention);
  • in case of asthenic manifestations of various genesis;
  • as a part of recovery from chronic diseases;
  • enhancing the effect of antibiotic therapy and shorten its duration.