vuka vuka package-1
vuka vuka package-1

Vuka Vuka [Natural Herbal Complex]


Buy Vuka Vuka – a dietary supplement, which improves libido and treats sexual dysfunction.

It acts as a tonic, helps treat psychogenic erectile dysfunction, delays premature ejaculation and exacerbates sexual sensations. The drug has also proved effective in preventing chronic abacterial prostatitis, as it improves blood supply in the prostate gland and bladder and precludes the development of thrombosis.

Vuka Vuka is based on a natural herbal complex, a source of flavonoids, saponins and tannin extracted from rare medicinal plants that grow in Southern Africa. All these plants have a solid track record in traditional African medicine as aphrodisiacs and other medicines:

  • Carissa spinarum (conkerberry) improves potency. It also has antibacterial properties, which proved useful in treating bacterial infections in traditional African and Australian medicine.
  • Securinega virosa has a positive effect on sexual desire. It improves mood and reduces irritability. Therefore its extract is also used as part of complex therapy of mental illnesses in Africa.
  • Triumfetta welwitschii and ozoroa reticulata stimulate blood flow in genitals and pelvic organs. Ozoroa reticulata also has anaesthetic effect.
  • Heteromorpha arborescens has a tonic effect and many other medicinal properties. It has been used by African tribes as treatment for inflammations, pains, respiratory diseases, skin infections, headaches, fever, and malaria.

Vuka Vuka is well tolerated. It does not cause headache, vertigo, indigestion, hyperemia or nasal congestion. With therapy administration, there is no need to intake the drug before sexual intercourse. Vuka Vuka is compatible with alcohol, cardiac medications and antibiotics.

Storage Conditions and Shelf Life

Store at dark place at a temperature not higher than 25 °C (77 °F).

Shelf life is 3 years.


Vitamer LLC, Moscow, Russia

Buy Vuka Vuka from us!

Tablets 550 mg. Active ingredients: herbal extracts of securinega virosa roots (100 mg), heteromorpha arborescens (100 mg), carissa spinarum (80 mg), triumfetta welwitschii (80 mg) and ozoroa reticulata (40 mg). Inactive ingredients: lactose 145 mg and calcium stearate 5 mg. Application and Dosage To be administered orally with meal. Dosage is 2 tablets per day. Recommended length of treatment course is 4 weeks. Counterindications Hypersensitivity to the components of the drug. Side Effects Allergic response. Drug Interaction No significant drug interaction was registered. Storage Conditions and Shelf Life Store at dark place at a temperature not higher than 25 °C (77 °F). Shelf life is 3 years. Manufacturer Vitamer LLC, Moscow, Russia

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