SEMAX and SELANK are always on the list of the most popular products in the CosmicNootropic store, but what is best to choose?

While some people have already decided which preparation they need, some others still doubt what suits them better and how to make the proper choice. So in this post, we are going to remind you what are these preparations and what are the differences between them so that you could finally get a clear idea!


Both are peptides for the brain which have a nootropic effect, however, unlike regular nootropic drugs, they have a different mechanism of action. A characteristic feature of these preparations is that they help only if there is such a need in the central nervous system.

Both SEMAX and SELANK are produced by Peptogen (check our blog post containing a lot of information about this company). Why do the developers and producers believe that the most effective form of administration is nasal drops? The thing is that when taking intranasally, the preparations enter the brain through the olfactory nerves that directly connect the nasal mucosa to the brain, bypassing the blood-brain barrier. That’s why these drugs begin to act quickly.


SEMAX® is a Russian nootropic drug that is used in nasal spray and nasal drops form to improve cognitive functions and treat various medical conditions. The drug belongs to the class of regulatory peptides and has a nootropic, psychostimulating, neuroprotective, antioxidant, and antihypoxic effect. It helps to increase mental and physical performance. By its structure, Semax is a fragment of endogenous neuropeptide ACTH. The drug was shown to increase BDNF (brain-derived neurotrophic factor) that is responsible for the growth and differentiation of new neurons and synapses.

There are two options available for use: Semax 0.1% and Semax 1%. Semax 0.1% is intended for the normalization and restoration of the brain in both healthy people and in a number of neurological diseases. Semax 1% is a dosage of the drug created for the treatment of stroke since the onset of the disease at the ambulance stage and in the hospital, as well as in the early recovery period. Here you can find more details: Semax 1% and 0.1%: What is the difference?

SELANK® 0.15% is a very different preparation. First of all, it is an anxiolytic peptide drug with nootropic properties. By its structure, Selank is based on endogenous tetrapeptide Tuftsin, which plays an important role in the immune system. To slow the breakdown of the peptide and prolong its effects, the inventors of Selank added a Glyproline to its structure. In fact, it is a complex action drug that combines the properties of an anxiolytic (anti-anxiety agent) and a nootropic agent with an antidepressant and antiasthenic effect.


Semax and Selank are two very different products. Even though they are both peptides administered intranasally, they produce different effects. While Semax is a nootropic and has pronounced stimulating effects, Selank is an anxiolytic. In short, if you are looking for improved focus, mild stimulation, and faster learning – Semax is your choice. Selank will be useful for those looking to release stress, relax, and improve their mood.


  1. jennifer 29/01/2021 pm31 20:35 PM Reply

    can you take Selank and Semax together?

    • admin_cosm 30/01/2021 pm31 12:08 PM Reply

      Hi Jennifer,
      Yes, you definitely can! The only precaution is not to take them at the same exact time. Use either one first, wait 15 minutes and take another.

  2. Dr Harsha T R 08/05/2021 am31 08:46 AM Reply

    can selank help insomnia?

    • admin_cosm 11/05/2021 pm31 13:49 PM Reply

      Hi Dr Harsha,
      Unfortunately, there is no proven effects of Selank in treating insomnia. Nonetheless, it may help with better sleep overall as it addresses nervousness and anxiety.

  3. DeLyse 09/06/2021 pm30 14:46 PM Reply

    When I take Semax, I experience insomnia. What happens to cause this and how can it be countered? Thanks!

    • admin_cosm 14/06/2021 am30 08:08 AM Reply

      Hi DeLyse,
      Semax is not a stimulant (like coffee), but it does stimulate your brain activity. This may be the reason for insomnia. In this case, it is recommended to take it earlier in the day. The general rule of thumb is to take it before 3 pm. If you still experience insomnia, you can try taking it even earlier.

  4. Bob 06/07/2021 pm31 18:17 PM Reply

    Will selank get rid of panic attacks and severe anxiety ?

    • admin_cosm 08/07/2021 am31 11:38 AM Reply

      Hi Bob, Selank is intended for mild anxiety mostly. It also has cumulative effect, so it cannot be used to immediately stop panic attack. Nonetheless, it can be used as a part of combination treatment. It should help with the overall condition.

  5. Nicholas folse 13/07/2021 pm31 14:22 PM Reply

    If I’m looking for a supplement that helps me focus on a job and helps me take in as much knowledge as possible and learn quickly them semax is the better option? No bad side effects?

    • admin_cosm 15/07/2021 pm31 16:38 PM Reply

      Hi Nicholas! Semax definitely is not a magic brain pill (or a nasal solution to be precise). However, it does claim to improve focus and help with faster learning. So, for your case, I would say it is a good choice. As an alternative, you can look into Nanotropil (phenylpiracetam).
      As for the side effects, there are only local ones such as mucous membrane irritation. They rarely happen though. Most of our team have tried it and never had any noticeable side effects.

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