Effex Tribulus® is an herbal drug based on Tribulus Terrestris stem and leaves extract. It has been around in traditional medicine for centuries. It has a tonic effect and stimulates the reproductive system functions, improving sexual libido and prolonging erection in men. Effex Tribulus stimulates spermatogenesis, increasing the number of spermatozoa and their mobility.

Stimol® is a tonic drug used to treat asthenia, which may occur as a result of ageing or stress. It combines medicinal properties of malate and L-citrulline. Stimol stabilizes metabolic processes and provides for liver detoxification and helps stimulate recovery after surgery and severe illnesses. Stimol is also used by athletes for its ergogenic properties.

Glutargin Alkoclean® is a drug based on arginine and glutamic acid that is intended to increase metabolism. Glutargin Alkoclean has cytoprotective, antihypoxic, membrane stabilizing, antioxidant, detoxication, and antiradical effects. It is used for prevention and treatment of alcohol intoxication, lowering hepatotoxic effect of alcohol and as part of complex therapy of disorders caused by acute alcohol intoxication. 

Keltican® Complex contains biologically active additives that act as "building blocks" of cells and structures, and are involved in metabolic and reparative processes. Keltican demonstrates the ability to restore affected nerve fibers, to protect the nervous system against new damages, and to prevent further destruction of the myelin sheath and increased symptoms of neuropathy. Buy Keltican Complex to battle peripheral pain syndrome.

Tiolepta® is an endogenous antioxidant that binds free radicals and stabilizes lipid and carbohydrate metabolism. It has hepatoprotective, lipid-lowering, hypocholesterolemic and hypoglycemic properties. Thioctic acid (alpha-lipoic acid), its main component, is an antioxidant that is widely used as a dietary supplement and as a pharmaceutical. Tiolepta is most commonly used to treat diabetes and its nerve-related symptoms and alcoholic polyneuropathy.

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Cellex® is a neuroprotector for the treatment of acute disorders of cerebral circulation. It is produced from pig embryonic brain tissue. Cellex consists of a balanced and stable mixture of biologically active proteins and polypeptides. Subcutaneous administration of Cellex contributes to the reduction of the recovery period of patients with lesions of the central and peripheral nervous system of vascular genesis.

Prostamol-Uno® is an extract of Serenoa repens fruit. It's a plant origin remedy for the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia. Serenoa repens extract has anti-proliferative, anti-androgenic, anti-inflammatory, and anti-edematous effects in prostate gland. Prostamol-Uno does not affect the level of sex hormones in the blood plasma, the potency and libido. And it does not change the level of prostate-specific antigen in the blood plasma.

L-Theanine is an amino acid extracted from tea leaves 🌿 It is associated with plenty of health benefits, including improvements in mood and cognitive functions and a reduction of stress and anxiety. It has a similar chemical structure to glutamate - a neurotransmitter related to memory. Natural dope for the brain! Buy Theanine with fast US domestic shipping.

LADASTEN® is very different from typical psycostimulants in that it does not work on any particular receptor in the brain but acts on the expression of 1116 genes, all of which affect the central nervous system. Bromantane indirectly stimulates the expression of dopamine, unlike typical stimulants, which simply release dopamine already stored in the synaptic cleft. As a result, Ladasten has a weaker stimulating effect and does not cause dopamine depletion.