Shortage of the factory-produced nootropics on the Russian market

Hey there nootropic enthusiasts!

We want to notify you that, unfortunately, several factory-produced brain supplements are no longer available on the Russian market:

  • Ladasten (Bromantane)
  • Phenilpiracetam (Phenotropil) We are looking for substitutes or other brand names for Phenilpiracetam and will try importing it from Ukraine.
  • Encepahbol (Pyritinol)
  • Bemitil (Metaprot) We’ve managed to find the replacement that we are importing from Belarus, so we are one of the few suppliers who sell this medication right now.
  • Referan (Aniracetam) We used to export this product from Greek pharmacy but it has expired there. We found a replacement in China and have a few pharmaceutical versions of Chinese Aniracetam left – contact us if interested. But it is a bit expensive that’s why we do not offer it online.

Unfortunately, manufacturers of these products had to stop the production either temporarily or permanently. Therefore, these items are no longer available in our store now.

nootropic shortage

What we know:

1. Ladasten producer confirmed that the production of the drug is halted until their new plant is certified. They hope that the certification process will finish before the end of the coming summer, but there are no certain dates. Ladasten may be back on the market after that.

2. Phenotropil production has stopped temporarily and will be resumed sooner or later. The license owner for the Phenotropil brand has broken contract with the previous manufacturing partner and now setting up their own production. They have confirmed that the Phenotopil (phenilpiracetam) will be produced in the future.
Meanwhile, we will try to import Phenilpiracetam from Ukraine like we do our Pramistar.

As for Metaprot and Encephabol, there is no official info yet. The latter disappeared only recently but we hope that it will return to the market.

These news are sad for us as well as for other nootropic enthusiasts. However, in the current situation, we strongly recommend looking for alternatives among other factory-produced drugs, instead of buying generics or powders of questionable origin.

Our suggestion includes such products as Mildronate, Piracetam/Nootropil, Actovegin, and Bemitil. It is a pretty interesting product that has been used in the Moscow Olympics 1980, the Chernobyl disaster, and in the Afghanistan war. It is heavily used by Ukrainian sports teams and is likely to be banned by WADA in the coming year.

If you are unsure about what will be the best substitute, just contact us. We will be happy to answer your questions.

Stay safe,

Your CosmicNootropic

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