Phenibut Versus Gabapentin

September 10, 2023

Phenibut and gabapentin are two similar drugs. Both are depressants and work as gamma-aminobutyric (GABA) analogs, designed to calm your central nervous system and leave you in a relaxed state. That said, they’re not the same. 

Verified phenibut for product purity, such as CosmicNootropic’s 250-milligram phenibut, is a nootropic. It’s easily available in the United States; you can buy it online without a prescription, and it’s primarily marketed to treat neuropathic issues, such as anxiety. Gabapentin, on the other hand, is a prescription medicine and is mostly used to control and prevent seizures and relieve nerve pain.

What Is Phenibut?

Phenibut is a synthetic GABA analog that works as a central nervous system depressant, affecting your brain and spinal cord. It was developed by Russian scientists in the 1960s, and it was soon included in astronauts’ space kits to help them maintain peace of mind during spacewalks. 

A decade later, the nootropic became popular as a sedative, painkiller, neuroprotection, and addiction medication. Is phenibut a benzodiazepine? While similar, phenibut isn’t classified as benzo. Instead, it’s marketed as a nootropic or a smart drug.

Is phenibut illegal? The nootropic is legal in the US and most parts of Europe. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) classifies phenibut as an amino acid, so it’s not regulated. You can find it readily available from online retailers, and you don’t need a prescription to purchase it. To be safe, it’s best to buy it from reliable sellers like CosmicNootropic.

Normally, you can buy phenibut in pill form, such as CosmicNootropic’s 250-milligram phenibut capsules, but they’re also available in an injectable form (administered intravenously).

How Does Phenibut Work?

Phenibut acts as a GABA-mimetic, which means it goes deep into the brain to stimulate GABA receptors (mostly GABA(B), but to some extent, GABA(A), as well). GABA can’t enter the blood-brain barrier (BBB), but phenibut can. This allows it to stimulate dopamine receptors and antagonize beta-phenethylamine (PEA), enabling users to feel calming and euphoric effects that are said to help combat neuropsychiatric disorders.

What Is Phenibut Used For?

Phenibut is generally marketed as an anxiolytic or as a treatment for anxiety. But it’s also believed to be able to treat other issues such as depression, phobia, insomnia, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), pain management, and alcoholism. In low concentrations, phenibut can also increase dopamine levels.

What Is Gabapentin?

Gabapentin is a prescription medication developed in the early 1990s. It was first used as an analgesic and anticonvulsant, but it was soon found to be useful for treating epilepsy, nerve pain, and restless leg syndrome (RLS). Similar to phenibut, it’s a GABA analog, so it mirrors the effects of GABA in reducing the excitability of neurons in the brain.

Gabapentin is an FDA-approved product, but according to the federal government, it’s not a controlled substance. Still, several states have passed their own classification of the drug as a Schedule V controlled substance. You can get gabapentin as a capsule or tablet, and it’s also available in liquid form.

How Does Gabapentin Work?

Gabapentin works by altering how nerves send signals through your central nervous system. With its use, the brain receives false messages that certain nerves aren’t working properly, making it think that you’re being hurt when you’re not, so the brain then begins to combat the pain.

What Is Gabapentin Used For?

Gabapentin is primarily used for three purposes: to prevent and control seizures, relieve nerve pain, and treat moderate to severe RLS.

What Is the Difference between Phenibut and Gabapentin?

Phenibut and gabapentin are both GABA analogs, so they’re similar in composition, effect, and use. However, they’re not the same. The main difference is that phenibut has an affinity for GABA receptors, so the substance binds to the receptors, specifically those that are responsible for sleep, memory, and sedation Gabapentin does not.

Phenibut is readily available without a prescription, while gabapentin requires medical approval before use. This is why more people are leaning towards the former for regular use.

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Legal Disclaimer

All statements on this page are for informational purposes only and have not been evaluated or approved by the US FDA.
Products mentioned on this page are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. See more

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