The 2018 Review

During this year we have done a lot for the development of our store and for the community of nootropic enthusiasts, offering unique information and unique services that have not been previously presented on the market. Here are just a few facts about this year:

  1. We’ve set up US shipping which is functioning, and no other competitors have this. In 2019 the variety of goods in the US warehouse will only grow!
  2. More than 10 new products have been added to the store, so we increased the range of goods by 50% and have already planned many new products for the next year. If you have suggestions for products, we are always happy to hear them!
  3. We have created our Facebook page, where we are always ready to answer your questions!
  4. Significantly reduced the speed of shipments. 90% of our packages leave the warehouse in one day.
  5. We also improved our support service. The average response time is 4 hours for now.
  6. The automatic user alert system has been significantly improved. Now we inform each client in detail both about the status of the order and about the movements of its package.
  7. We have published a large number of original instructions for our products so that our customers are always informed! We will add all the other instructions during the next year.
  8. Our YouTube channel keeps growing and evolving. During this year we have duplicated a lot of informative videos about Russian supplements. If you haven’t seen them yet, be sure to check the special playlist.
  9. We improved our website and significantly simplified the payment process by adding automated payments and new payment methods.
  10. We have developed our own Android app for the convenience of our mobile users.

And here are some statistics for this year.

  • 19% more orders than in 2017
  • The average cost of order on our website was $105.7, and when buying for the first time, our customers spend less, but they place large orders again
  • Our largest markets are: USA, UK, Canada and Australia
  • More than a thousand new customers contributed to our store this year, and many of them have already made more than one purchase.
  • The top products of this year are:
    2. PHENIBUT ®
    3. SEMAX ®
    4. MILDRONATE ® (Meldonium)
    5. NOOPEPT ®

We are so grateful for your support and trust and we will be happy to see you in the new year!

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