Update on the Crowd-funding campaign

Hi nootropic enthusiasts!

We’re watching closely how the process of crowd-funding is moving forward. Slow but steady 🐌

For those of you who missed the news, CosmicNootropic has launched a campaign to collectively raise funds to translate the BOOK on NOOTROPICS by Dr. Arushanian, a prominent Soviet and Russian professor and researcher. 

As of now we have collected $215 out of $4,584 which is good, but we need to keep spreading the information about the crowd-funding. The more people know about it – the larger amount of funds we can raise! 

Besides, we want to encourage those of you who want to take part but still have some doubts. CosmicNootropic decided to DOUBLE 🚀 the amount that will be collected cumulatively by the end of this month! 

I hope you support this initiative and help us make an impact in spreading the knowledge about Nootropics!

To leave a comment or indulge in discussion please go to our post on Reddit.  

To make a donation follow the link: GoFund.me

Growd-funding GoFundMe

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CEO of CosmicNootropic  

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