Biohacker’s Favorites

In the ever-evolving world of biohacking, these individuals stand as pioneers and trailblazers, pushing the boundaries of human potential. They joined the ranks with CosmicNootropic and together we delve into the favorites of these biohacking luminaries and explore the products that have earned their trust. Welcome to the forefront of biohacking.

Lucas Aoun

One of the world’s leading experts in biohacking and cognitive enhancement. Lucas studied Exercise Science and Naturopathy and runs his website where he shares the latest studies on health, sleep, hormone optimization, and longevity. 

David Tomen 

David Tomen is an authoritative nootropic researcher. He’s the author of several books on brain optimization. David Tomen has his own website and YouTube channel where you can find information on dozens and dozens of nootropic supplements in a language that is easy to understand.

Vigorous Steve

Dedicated expert in the field of bodybuilding and performance optimization. Steve assists bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts in taking a health-conscious approach to their sport.

Tyler Warren 

Experienced strength and conditioning coach of collegiate and Olympic athletes. Tyler shares the successes he has attained in building a healthy lifestyle, helping hundreds of athletes attain their goals and improve their performance.

Nick Urban

Nick Urban is a top expert in biohacking, human performance, and brain optimization. His insights come through the rare lens of both CHEK-Certified Functional Health experience and testing 217 substances over the last 10+ years. Through his website Outliyr he combines time-proven preventative medicine with cutting-edge modern science to help people look, feel, and perform their best.

Nathalie Niddam

Science geek with a passion for human health. Nathalie is a Certified Holistic Nutritionist, an Epigenetic Coach and a member of the first graduating class of the Human Potential Training Institute.

Eamonn Sych

Eamonn’s recommendation is based on 5+ years of experimenting with over 200+ nootropic compounds. He approaches the topic from a scientific perspective, emphasizing the compound, individual, and everything in between. His goal is to encourage people to improve their mental and physical health with nootropics, addressing root causes rather than just treating symptoms.

Pierre Gourdon 

As a passionate entrepreneur and avid biohacker, Pierre’s journey through the realms of strength training and endurance sports has been nothing short of a quest for peak physical and mental performance. His dedication to this lifestyle is not just about personal achievement but about sharing what he has learned to help others unlock their full potential. Trust in Pierre’s choices comes from a place of genuine experience, rigorous experimentation, and a deep understanding of the biohacker’s path to excellence.

Luiz Padalino

Researcher, biohacker, and entrepreneur who specializes in human optimization. Luiz provides consulting services helping people gain a better understanding of their bodies. His goal is to empower individuals with the knowledge and tools they need to improve their overall quality of life.

Brandon Eisenlauer 

Huge fan of nootropics and biohacking. Sharing daily tips, he provides people with cutting edge protocols and products to enhance their quality of life in every way.


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