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Lev Fomchenkov

Lev Fomchenkov

Founder and CEO at CosmicNootropic

In 2007, I embarked on a journey into the world of nootropics, discovering their potential to enhance learning abilities. This led to the creation of CosmicNootropic, an online shop offering these transformative products globally. Challenges tested us, but with support from loyal customers, we grew stronger.

With 10+ years of pharmacology experience and a passion for responsible nootropic use, I advocate for well-being. Currently in Kazakhstan with my wife, eagerly awaiting our baby girl’s arrival into this world, I invite you to join our cosmic journey.

But before that, I want to introduce you to my cosmic team. They all are scattered around the globe but united by CosmicNootropic.


Alina Bikmullina 4

Alina Bikmullina – Chief Marketing Officer

Alina is responsible for building bridges with influencers, designing and implementing marketing strategy.

Andrey Pushkarev 5

Andrey Pushkarev – Chief Operations Officer and Partner

Andrey oversees main processes at CosmicNootropic and is responsible for IT development, HR planning and financial planning.

Julia Gladkova

Julia Gladd – Public Relations Officer and Content Manager

Julia is a professional editor who creates amazing content and publishes articles. She also provides consulting for Lev with regard to social networks and in meetings with contractors.

Kseniya Ovchinnikova 3

Kseniya Ovchinnikova – Head of Customer Support

Kseniya is responsible for overseeing customer support and providing top-notch client experience. 

If you feel that you can fit in our team please drop a line and we will respond to you: [email protected]

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