How to find reviews about us (and how to write your own)

We are very attentive when it comes to our customer experience! Since feedback and reviews are a great tool to get more information about the company and products, we are always happy to receive one. 

There are two main reasons why we think reviews are extremely important:

  1. Reviews allow other customers and nootropics enthusiasts to know us and our products better. Which allows them to make a better choice when looking for nootropics. 
  2. Feedback helps us to improve our store the way you want it. This way, we added a number of products, that people were interested in, established a US warehouse for faster shipping times, and the list goes on…

So, where can you find reviews about us? 


Dedicated Feedback section

Our website has a dedicated feedback section for any general thoughts you have about our store or our products. 

On this page you can see the most recent feedback and leave your own. Just hit the ‘Write a review’ button and share your thoughts! 

Reviews on product pages

If you want more information on how to use a certain product or what effects it has, it is a place to look! 

On any product page select a ‘Reviews’ tab and see what people are saying about the product. Or, if you have used the product yourself, we are happy to hear your thoughts. 


We are quite active on Facebook and a lot of useful info is posted there. As well as reviews from our customers

We are extremely happy to see a reviews there as it opens our business to a wider audience. 

If you want to recommend us on Facebook, just navigate to our page and click ‘Yes’ in the Recommendations and Reviews section as shown on the screenshot above. 

And thank you for the visitor posts as well! 


Trustpilot is one of the largest websites for user reviews and we are there. 

Most of our reviews there are from verified buyers, so you know you are getting the word from the real customers themselves! 

Again, to leave a feedback, just click ‘Write a review’ and give us a rating! 

Other sources

We are also frequently mentioned on Reddit in r/nootropics community (we are even in their Reliable Suppliers list) as well as in several ratings of nootropics vendors. This one for example. 

And if you are paying with cryptocurrency for your order, we will be happy if you leave a review on a CoinPayments website.

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