First 6 months

Greetings to everybody!

The middle of summer is officially upon us, and with it came a number of changes to the CosmicNootropic website that we wanted to share with you.

1. We are glad to introduce to you our New products: EndolutenCerluten, Pinealon, Mexidol (Emoxypine), Mildronate (Meldonium), Cereton (Alpha-GPC), Pantogam (D-, L-hopantenic acid), Sermion (Nicergoline), Tabex (Cytisine)… During next two weeks we will bring more new products.

2. We have introduced our loyalty program.

That’s not all! Over the last 6 months we have sent several hundreds parcels successfully to our customers from the USA, the UK, Canada, Australia, Mexico, Ireland, Poland, Japan, China, Hong Kong, Israel, France, Singapore, Malaysia, New Zealand, the Netherlands, Hungary, Slovakia, Switzerland. Bulgaria and Romania.

We have also received more than 6reviews and feedback from our customers and we are greatly thankful to you for this. It propels us to go further and improve our website even more.

Thank you for continued support and stay tuned,

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