Where We Ship From

Our main warehouses are located in California and in Georgia (USA), from which we ship all of our most popular products. You can order both within the US and internationally. We use registered trackable airmail as well as USPS, UPS and DHL Ecommerce.

We also ship a selected number of products from our RU warehouse to most of the countries.

Our Shipping Rates

To \ From US Warehouse US Warehouse (Express)  RU Warehouse 
USA 5 USD 30 USD 19.5 USD
Canada 20 USD 65 USD 19.5 USD
Great Britain, Europe & Other Countries 25 USD 65 USD 19.5 USD
Australia and New Zealand * 30 USD 65 USD 19.5 USD

*And some other Expensive Shipping Destinations. The price for shipping to these countries is higher because the postage rates for them are significantly higher than those for other countries.

Average Shipping Time from the USA warehouse (regular mail):

  • 2 – 6 days – Domestic US Regular mail;
  • 5-10 days – to customers from Canada;
  • 10-20 days – to customers from Europe and other countries;
  • 10-30 days – to customers from Australia and New Zealand.

Average Shipping Time from the USA warehouse (express mail):

  • 2-3 days – for Domestic US Express Shipping;
  • 4-8 days – Express Shipping to Other Countries.

Average Shipping Time from the RU warehouse:

  • 9 – 30 days to customers from the USA and Canada;
  • 9 – 30 days to customers from the EU and UK;
  • 9 – 30 days to customers from other countries (incl. Indonesia, Singapore, India and the Middle East).

*EMS is no longer available for the RU warehouse. This is a more expensive option but the speed of delivery is usually the same as for the packages shipped by Registered Mail. That’s why we cancelled this option.

Please note, that the timelines above are only estimates and shipping may take longer. The shipping and delivery is carried out on working days only.

US Domestic Shipping

Products that are shipped from the US warehouse have ‘Ships from: US’ option. Just select this option and add the product to your shopping cart. After that you can proceed with finalizing your order.

Please note that:

  • The orders are dispatched on business days only.
  • The delivery time is 2-6 working days on average from the moment of dispatch.
  • Prices are 10-30% higher for the items shipped from the US. This is because it takes money and effort to get the products to the warehouse of our fulfillment partner and to store them.
  • It is legal for people in the US to order non-scheduled food supplements and chemical compounds for individual consumption or for research, respectively. For more information please go to our Terms & Conditions section.

What Happens after I Pay for my Order?

After the order is paid we will ship it within 12-48 hours and send you the tracking number.

It may take longer for certain products (e.g. Cytomaxes, Cytamins, Cytogens and some others) that require pre-ordering from our suppliers.

All our shipments are trackable along the way and they are usually delivered by a courier.

We have automated service informing you about the whereabouts of your parcel but in the end it is YOUR responsibility to track your order and pick up your parcel. If a delivery attempt was unsuccessful, you will need to wait for another delivery attempt or come to your nearest postal office.

Customs and Taxes

Generally, under the US law as well as under the laws of most countries nootropics are not considered prescription drugs. Therefore, their import is not regulated. It is legal for people in the US to order non-scheduled food supplements and chemical compounds for individual consumption or for research, respectively.

At the same time, customs reserves the right to hold your products for inspection. The chance of an inspection is very small unless you are from Canada or Australia where this happened before. If customs opens a sealed package, it always adds an “opened by customs” sticker or sign. It will then pass the parcel to the postal service for delivery.

In order to ensure faster uninterrupted delivery we mark all our parcels as gifts. For the UK and some other countries we also indicate the value of less than 30 USD so that you would not need to pay the import duty.


Our products are usually shipped in standard post cardboard boxes. Contents inside are wrapped in bubble wrap. For smaller orders we use standard postal plastic bags with bubble wrap.


Please refer to the page dedicated to Reshipment & Refund.

Contact Us

If you have any questions, suggestions or are not fully satisfied with the service you receive, please contact us. We would be glad to hear from you.