Where Do We Ship From?

Cosmic Nootropic is an international company located in Kazakhstan. You can order both within the US and internationally. We can also ship the products from our warehouse in Russia. And we have an opportunity to ship from Kazakhstan or Georgia (country) upon your request.

We source our products from Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Latvia and Georgia. 

Shipping Within the US:

  • Standard Shipping via USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL (approx. 2-5 business days)*        6.9 USD
  • Free Standard Shipping for orders over 99 USD (approx. 2-5 business days)             Free  

*Shipping and delivery are carried out on business days only.

Shipping to Other Destinations from the US:

To \ Type of Delivery Standard*** Express
Canada 17.5 USD 39.5 USD
UK, EU, UAE & Other Countries 17.5 USD 49.5 USD
Australia and New Zealand 27.5 USD 59.5 USD
Average Shipping Times (for all destinations) 11-20 Business Days 6-10 Business Days

*** Not recommended for temperature sensitive products (Semax, Selank, Visomitin, Exomitin, etc).

*Shipping and delivery are carried out on business days only.

Shipping from Russia

  • The shipping cost starts from 22.5 USD.
  • The products are generally 15-30% cheaper.
  • It takes 10-30 days on average for the order to be delivered.
  • It is available for products located in Russia and excludes certain destinations such as Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, Finland, Poland and Denmark. 
  • Express Mail Service (EMS) is no longer available for shipping from Russia. This is a significantly more expensive option with exactly the same speed of delivery. Upon request we can offer it at a cost starting from 79.9 USD.
  • DHL is not available for shipping from Russia because DHL prohibits shipping of supplements and medical products.
  • It is recommended to choose delivery from Russia when ordering temperature-sensitive products such as Semax, Selank, Visomitin, etc or when placing large orders.
  • The shipping and delivery is carried out on business days only.

*Shipping from Georgia and Kazakhstan is available upon request with the cost of delivery starting from 49.9 USD.

What Happens after I Pay for my Order?

On working days your order is usually assigned a tracking number within 6-18 hours after it is marked as paid. You will also receive regular updates about the whereabouts of your parcel. 

Do you Guarantee that I will Receive my Order?

Please refer to the page dedicated to Reshipment & Refund.

Can Delivery Take Longer than Expected?

It may take longer if you order specific products that require pre-ordering from our suppliers in Russia (e.g. Cytomaxes, Cytamins, Cytogens and some others). In other cases it is unlikely for the international delivery to take more than 20 business days.

Customs and Taxes

With regard to international delivery the customs reserves the right to hold your products for an inspection. The chance of an inspection is usually small unless you ordered products from Russia to the EU, Australia, UK or Canada. 

Before ordering please check that  you are not from a high-risk country. We are not liable for problems arising from your country’s customs regulations. Do not ignore your country’s customs regulations. 

Legal Terms 

Prior to ordering please check our Terms & Conditions section. In most countries it is legal to order non-scheduled compounds and pharmaceutical products for individual consumption or for research.

Contact Us

If you have any questions, suggestions or are not fully satisfied with the service you receive, please contact us. We will be glad to receive your feedback and assist you.