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Imunofan is a unique preparation that was developed by scientists of the Central Research Institute of Epidemiology of the Ministry of Health of Russia in the middle of the 1990s. Initially, it was intended for the prevention of stressful conditions and rehabilitation of the military. But it soon became clear that this medicine can be of benefit for people of other professions as well.

Imunofan was synthesized on the basis of the natural peptide thymic immunity hormone – thymopoietin. As the active pharmacological substance, the drug contains hexapeptide with the structural formula arginyl-α-aspartyl-lysyl-valyl-tyrosyl-arginine and a molecular with a weight of 836 D. Large-scale clinical trials and years of experience in the therapeutic application of the drug in most authoritative clinics of Russia have convincingly demonstrated that Imunofan as an effective immune regulator has no alternatives in the world medicine.

There are 3 dosage forms of this drug:

  1. Solution for injections;
  2. Rectal suppositories;
  3. Intranasal spray.


Pharmacological effects of Imunofan are based primarily on its properties and capabilities to:

  • Restore the balance of the redox system of the body;
  • Influence alterations in the condition of the immune system both when compromised and hyperactivated, regulating its parameters towards the immune system normalization;
  • Augment the efficacy of the basic therapy in a wide range of pathologies, owing, inter alia, to the qualitative property of its action in relation to multidrug resistance.


Indications for use of the drug both alone and in a comprehensive therapy:

  • Oncological diseases;
  • Opportunistic infections (cytomegalovirus and herpetic infections, toxoplasmosis, chlamydiosis, pneumocystosis, cryptosporidiosis);
  • Chronic viral hepatitis;
  • Chronic brucellosis;
  • Diphtheria, including bacterial carrier state;
  • Toxaemia;
  • Septicotoxaemia;
  • Septic endocarditis;
  • Pyo-septic complications in surgical patients;
  • Bronchoobstructive syndrome;
  • Cholecystopancreatitis;
  • Rheumatoid arthritis;
  • Psoriasis.


The indications referred to above are being continuously confirmed and specified by practical experience in the clinical application of the drug.

There is an official video about Imunofan with English subtitles. Read more about immunostimulants!

Produced by BIONOX, Russia.

Dosage and administration

Method of administration depends on the dosage form of the medication (intranasal or intramuscular). One injection/intake per day, every 24-48 hours. The total number of injections / intakes must not exceed 20 per course. Depending on the disease the course can be repeated after 1-6 months. For the full information on the administration please refer to the official description.

Side effects

Side effects are unlikely.


Cases of overdose have not been reported.

Storage conditions

The drug is stored in a cold dark place at a temperature of 2–10°C. The open solution should be stored in the refrigerator without freezing. If unused the ampoule should be discarded after 72 hours. Preparation should not be used after the expiration date.


BIONOX, Russia.


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