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Nootrop is a a combination of several active substances that can improve memory, increase attention, and reduce nervous tension. This food supplement is also recommended as an additional source of glycine, flavonol glycosides, vitamins B3, B5, B6, B12, K1.

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Form: 48 pills of 0.4g
Active ingredients: Glycine – 0.3285 g, centella asiatica extract – 0.05 g, ginkgo biloba leaf extract – 0.01 g, vitamin B3 – 0.005 g, vitamin K1 – 0.003 g, vitamin B6 – 0.001 g, vitamin B5 – 0.0025 g, vitamin B12 – 0.0000015 g.
Shelf life: 2 years. Do not use it beyond the expiration date printed on the package.
Storage conditions: Store in a dry dark place at temperatures no higher than 25°C (77°F). Keep out of reach of children.
Terms of release: Over-the-counter
Manufacturer: RIA Panda, Russia


What is Nootrop?

Nootrop is a dietary supplement that has a positive effect on mental performance and helps fight psycho-emotional stress.

It reduces irritability, aggressiveness, and conflict proneness, facilitates social adaptation, improves mood, and stabilizes sleep. It also increases mental performance, helps relieve dysautonomia, including that caused by menopause, and improves memory. Nootrop stabilizes cerebral and peripheral blood flow and reduces intracranial pressure and the toxic effect of alcohol.

What are the Benefits and Effects of Nootrop?

Active ingredients of Nootrop have the following properties:

  • Glycine causes inhibitory postsynaptic potential in the CNS, increases mental performance, improves sleep, and reduces psycho-emotional stress and the toxic effect of alcohol.
  • Ginkgo biloba (maidenhair tree) reduces cell hypoxia, stabilizes blood rheology, stimulates mental activity, and improves memory and sleep.
  • Centella asiatica (Gotu kola) is a brain tonic that helps relieve symptoms of depression, reduce irritability and improve peripheral blood flow.
  • Vitamin B3 is essential for brain functioning and it is used against fatigue, distraction, muscle weakness, headaches, and irritability.
  • Vitamin B5 stimulates mental performance and helps reduce absent-mindedness and mild depression. It helps the body generate the extra energy required for intense mental and physical exercise.
  • Vitamin B6 contributes to brain and CNS activity. It provides for vitamin B12 absorption. Vitamin B6 deficiency leads to irritability or drowsiness.
  • Vitamin B12 stimulates the production of acetylcholine (an organic compound that functions in the brain as a neurotransmitter supporting the cognitive functions related to memory and learning), thus improving concentration and memory.
  • Vitamin K1 stabilizes blood coagulation and strengthens blood vessels.


What is Nootrop Used For?

Nootrop can be used for the following purposes:

  • Reduce psycho-emotional stress and irritability;
  • Improve social adaptation;
  • Improve mood and normalize sleep;
  • Increase mental performance, improve memory, and stimulate thinking processes;
  • Improve cerebral and peripheral blood circulation;
  • Reduce the toxic effect of alcohol.

Where Can I Order Nootrop Online?

You can buy Nootrop online at different vendors. CosmicNootropic offers Nootrop in packs of 48 pills. We offer fast US delivery and worldwide shipping with volume discounts! Always be sure to do your research before purchasing any nootropic supplement to ensure you are getting a quality product.

You can order Nootrop and get it delivered to the USA, Europe, the UK, Asia, and many other regions and countries via CosmicNootropic.


Read about nootropics in our blog.

Legal Disclaimer
This product has not been approved by the US FDA. All statements on this page are for informational purposes only and have not been evaluated by the US FDA.
This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. See more

What is Nootrop Dosage?

The recommended dosage for adults is 1-2 capsules with a meal once a day. The recommended duration of treatment is 20 days. The treatment may be repeated after a 10-day break.

What are the Side Effects of Nootrop?

Possible side effects include allergic responses.


Individual intolerance to the components of the medicine, pregnancy and lactation.

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