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SkQ1 is a novel mitochondria-targeted antioxidant developed by Professor Vladimir Skulachev and his team. SkQ1 has anti-aging properties due to the reduction of free radical activity in mitochondria at the cellular level. To stop the aging program, SkQ1 is transported directly to the place where poisonous oxygen forms are formed – in mitochondria – and neutralizes free radicals at the site of their formation. It interrupts the process of programmed death of skin cells and can prevent the formation of aging signs.


Order SkQ1 in three forms:

  1. MitoVitan Active ® SkQ1 Anti-Aging Concentrate 8ml,
  2. MitoVitan ® SkQ1 Anti-Aging Serum 30ml,
  3. Exomitin ® SkQ1 Regenerating Antioxidant Gel 50ml

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Chemical name SkQ1 / Plastoquinonildecyltriphenyl-phosphonium Bromide
Form: MitoVitan Active Concentrate, 8 ml / MitoVitan Serum, 30ml / EXOMITIN Gel, 50ml
Active ingredient: SkQ1
Excipients for the concentrate: Purified water, glycerol, lactic acid.
Excipients for the serum: Water, Pentylene Glycol, Propylene Glycol, Ceratonia Siliqua Gum (and) Pectin (and) Algin, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride (and) Spilanthes Acmella Flower Extract, Ethelhexylglycerine.
Excipients for the gel: Water, lactic acid, PEG 400, PEG 1500, benzalkonium chloride.
Shelf life: 24 months. Do not use it beyond the expiration date printed on the package.
Storage conditions for the concentrate: After the vial is opened, store at most 2 months at a temperature of 15–25°C in a dark place. Keep out of the reach of children.
Storage conditions for the serum: Store in a dry place at room temperature up to 25°C. Protect from direct sunlight. Keep out of the reach of children.
Storage conditions for the gel: Store in a dark place at a temperature of 2–8°C. Short-term (up to 14 days) storage and transportation are allowed at a temperature of no higher than 25°C, but strictly in the dark place! After the tube is opened, store at most 6 months at a temperature of 2–8°C in a dark place. Keep out of reach of children.
Terms of release: Over-the-counter
Manufacturer: Mitotech, Russia

What is SkQ1 Antioxidant?

The mitochondrial antioxidant SkQ1 – one of Skulachev’s Quinones – is based on plastoquinone (a substance extracted from the most oxygenated place – the chloroplast of plants). SkQ1 antioxidant is the world’s first registered antioxidant targeting mitochondria. It is clinically proven that SkQ1 reduces the activity of free radicals in the mitochondria at the cellular level and therefore interrupts the aging program.

Due to its unique properties, the SkQ1 antioxidant is said to be 1000 times more effective than coenzyme Q10 and other well-known antioxidants.

What are SkQ1 Benefits and Effects?

The declared effects of the SkQ1 antioxidant are as follows:

  • It slows down the aging process;
  • It improves the overall skin condition;
  • It restores skin elasticity and natural water balance;
  • It smoothes wrinkles and prevents the formation of new ones.

MitoTech offers several products containing SkQ1 to meet different needs: a concentrate, a serum, and a gel. Read about each of them below ⬇️

What Does SkQ1 Anti-Aging Concentrate Do?

MitoVitan Active is a concentrated form of the SkQ1 antioxidant. The essential advantage of MitoVitan Active Concentrate is its personalized approach. Every person is unique, we all have different skin types. Therefore we need different skincare. So all you have to do is take your favorite cream, serum, or any other skincare product and add several drops of MitoVitan Active Concentrate. Your own cosmetic line is ready to use!

What Does SkQ1 Anti-Aging Serum Do?

MitoVitan Serum is a ready-made skincare product. It is said to combine the benefits of the SkQ1 antioxidant and hydrating components. Regular use of the serum helps to prevent the formation of deep and mimic wrinkles and reduce the visibility of already existing ones.

It can be used as the basis of the beauty routine. MitoVitan Serum has a light structure. It is quickly absorbed and invisible on the skin. It shall be applied before other skincare products.

What Does Exomitin Gel Do?

Exomitin SkQ1 Regenerating Antioxidant Gel is designed for problem-prone and damaged skin. The producer claims that it protects and soothes the skin in case of irritation, redness, and dryness. Exomitin can improve skin health, restore its regenerative functions, accelerate tissue repair as well as increase the antioxidant defense of the skin cells. Regular use of this hydrogel is said to enhance the resistance of the skin to adverse environmental factors.

Many people notice a pronounced effect as soon as the first application of the hydrogel. Exomitin is suitable for long-term use and can be mixed with other skincare products.

Where Can I Order SkQ1 Online?

You can order SkQ1 online from different vendors. CosmicNootropic offers the SkQ1 antioxidant in the form of MitoVitan Active Concentrate in an 8 ml bottle, MitoVitan Anti-Aging Serum in a 30 ml bottle, and Exomitin in a 50 ml tube with fast US delivery and worldwide shipping! Always be sure to do your research before purchasing any skincare product to ensure you are getting a quality one.

You can order SkQ1 and get it delivered to the USA, Europe, the UK, Asia, and many other destinations via CosmicNootropic.

Read more about MitoTech in our blog post!

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Legal Disclaimer
This product has not been approved by the US FDA. All statements on this page are for informational purposes only and have not been evaluated by the US FDA.
This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. See more

How to Use MitoVitan Active ® SkQ1 Anti-Aging Concentrate?

MitoVitan Active Concentrate shall be used in combination with other cosmetics. The concentrate can be used continuously or in a course. The recommended duration of treatment is three months.

Recipe No. 1 for cosmetics with a thick consistency

As a base, use any of your primary face and body skin-care products (including products for the area around the eyes).
  1. Mix one or two drops of MitoVitan Active Concentrate with one milliliter (measured with the mixing spoon) of your cosmetic product (cream, gel, tonic, milk, etc.). Stir the mixture thoroughly in the mixing jar until you get a uniform consistency.
  2. Apply the resulting mixture lightly tapping your fingers along the massage lines of your cleansed face and neck to relax the muscles and normalize the blood circulation.
  3. For convenience, the mixture can be prepared in a larger volume but based on the same ratio – 1-2 drops of MitoVitan Active per mixing spoon.
IMPORTANT: It is not recommended to store the mixture for more than two weeks.

Recipe No. 2 for liquid cosmetics

As a base, use any of your preferred products for face, body, and hair care.
  1. Mix 10 ml of your cosmetic product with 10 drops of MitoVitan Active. Shake the sealed mixing bottle thoroughly for 20 seconds until a uniform consistency is achieved.
  2. Apply the resulting mixture as told in the recommendations for the use of your base product.
IMPORTANT: It is recommended to store the mixture for no more than two weeks (except for the mixtures with cosmetic oils).


Individual intolerance to the ingredients.


MitoVitan Active Concentrate is water-based. So it may be difficult to mix with cosmetic oil. In this case, it is recommended to shake the mixture vigorously right before applying it to the skin. As a result, small bubbles of the concentrate will appear in the cosmetic oil, which shall be applied to the skin as quickly as possible. The storage of the mixture is not recommended. Do not combine the concentrate with alkaline cosmetics (with a pH value above 7) – for example, with shampoos or liquid soaps. In this case, we recommend adding MitoVitan Active Concentrate to hair balm or shampoos and soaps marked with a neutral pH or pH below 7.

How to Use MitoVitan ® SkQ1 Anti-Aging Serum?

Gently apply MitoVitan Serum on the clean face and neck. Massage until it is completely absorbed. Apply MitoVitan Serum 1-2 times a day (preferably in the morning and in the evening). It can be used as the main skin-care product or as a serum before your preferred face cream. For dry or sensitive skin, it is recommended to use MitoVitan Serum in combination with a moisturizer.


Individual intolerance to the ingredients.

How to Use EXOMITIN ® SkQ1 Regenerating Antioxidant Gel?

Apply a thin layer of hydrogel once or several times per day directly to the problem areas of the skin. Allow it to soak for 15-30 minutes. If you need to use Exomitin together with other cosmetic agents, apply the hydrogel first. For external use only.

What are Exomitin Side Effects?

Rarely: Allergic reactions.


Avoid the eyes area. If the product got into the eye area rinse it with water. In case of burning or irritation, discontinue the use and consult a specialist.


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