Top 2 nootropics that can take you to the Moon

April 12, 2023

12 April is the International Day of Human Space Flight or Cosmonautics Day. On this day in 1961 the Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin became the first man to take it to the outer space. What helps astronauts cope with stress, stay focused, motivated, physically and mentally?

It turns out that Soviet astronauts took nootropics to maintain their mental and physical health in tough space conditions. Check out this post to find the Top 2 nootropics for the astronauts 🚀

Cosmonautics Day Yuri Gagarin Time Cover
Astronaut Yuri Gagarin on the cover of the Time weekly newsmagazine. Published in the USA on April 21, 1961


Generally nootropics are a group of drugs that activate metabolic processes in the central nervous system. The first nootropic, piracetam, was synthesized by Belgian scientists in the 1960s.

Nootropics can help the brain in different ways. Some increase the energy capacity of neurons, others enhance the resistance of nerve cells to adverse damaging factors.


The benefits of nootropics include a positive effect on cognitive functions, memory, and learning ability as well as increased stress-resistance and higher levels of energy.

The development of nootropics for the astronauts was a spin-off of numerous efforts to create new drugs that would not have downsides of typical psychostimulants or sedatives, but would be able to lift performance of astronauts under extreme conditions in a sustainable way.



A well-known compound that was in the Cosmonauts Medical Kit is Phenylpiracetam. One of its brand names is Phenotropil. Astronauts used it to cope with high stress levels and mental pressure.


What does Phenylpiracetam do?

Phenylpiracetam is a substance that exerts various stimulant and nootropic effects. The stimulant effect can be felt right after the first use, while the nootropic effect usually develops after 2-3 weeks.

In addition, the studies demonstrated that Phenylpiracetam can change its effects depending on the state of health of an individual. For example it can be used to increase tolerance to cold, visual acuity and mental performance.

One of the well-known cosmonauts who used the compound was Aleksandr Serebrov. In one interview he shared his experiences on using this drug during his record 197-day space flight. He said that the drug helped his body to cope with stress and physical discomfort during a long-term space flight. It also helped him cope with impulsivity and irritability.


Another famously known cosmic compound is Phenibut. Some call it a “party drug” because it can improve socialization skills and sometimes replace alcohol. Opposite to this when used according to the official instructions it exhibits pharmaceutical nootropic properties.


What does Phenibut do?

Cosmonauts used Phenibut as a means of reducing anxiety without undesired sedative effects associated with usual tranquillisers. It is known that they used it before their space walks and in some other cases when you need to stay calm and focused.

Generally speaking Phenibut has anxiolytic, stimulating and nootropic properties. The exact effects are determined based on the state of health of an individual. For example if a person experiences anxiety it exhibits a calming effect. And if a person has low motivation, Phenibut can increase it.

Its indirect nootropic effect is attributed to the anxiolytic effects that GABA has on the brain: by decreasing the level of stress hormones Phenibut can have a positive influence on the brain.


The successful use of nootropics in space made scientists and medical doctors consider introducing them to wide population. Thanks to that we now have access to nootropic drugs such as Phenylpiracetam and Phenibut which have firmly established themselves in clinical practice in many countries.

They are extensively used in elderly patients who face age-related changes in cognitive functions, as well as young people experiencing chronic overwork, constant stress, psycho-emotional tension, etc.

The technologies developed in the Soviet times continue to be used and are improved nowadays. Nevertheless even astronauts admit that no nootropic can do wonders. Sergey Ryazanskiy, a PhD in biology and a spacecraft commander says that “Exercise, good sleep and good nutrition are the fundamentals on which our health is based“. So, a healthy lifestyle is the best support of the well-being.

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