How to Optimize Brain Function for Enhanced Athleticism?

April 25, 2024

How to Become A High Level Athlete?

Often, our perception of athletics is limited. While hitting the gym and maintaining a healthy diet are crucial, successful athletes understand that excellence in sports requires more. In today’s competitive landscape, achieving greatness demands attention to enhancing brain function. Let’s explore insights from top biohackers on maximizing athletic performance.

Tip #1: Maintain mental health

If pre-game nerves are a concern for you, the following advice might be valuable. Often, athletes overlook their mental state before a game, whether it’s excessive nervousness or heightened stimulation. It’s crucial to confront these issues directly. When your brain functions optimally, it enhances the mind-to-muscle connection, vital for executing intricate movements like shooting hoops, soccer kicks, or lifting weights. The brain plays a role in every aspect of athletic performance. Adaptogens, in particular, are vital as they assist the body in managing stress, a key factor in athletic endeavors.

Tip #2: Challenge your brain

Studies indicate that engaging in brain-stimulating activities promotes the formation of new neural connections and may even stimulate the generation of new brain cells, contributing to a functional reserve that safeguards against cell loss. Activities such as reading, learning new languages, solving crosswords or Sudoku, are effective ways to enhance concentration. Similarly, pursuits that demand physical dexterity, such as drawing, painting, or other artistic endeavors, can be beneficial if you aim to optimize brain function. Check out 22 brain exercises to improve memory, cognition, and creativity.

Experimenting with tasks like using your non-dominant hand for brushing teeth or eating can also stimulate brain activity. Just as physical exercise supports mental well-being, these activities foster brain health and capacity.

Tip #3: Branch Out To New Supplements

Being in such an advanced time we are extremely blessed to have a wide variety of powerful supplements. Supplements that can help to increase our endurance, our power, our recovery. Below are a few categories of important supplements athletes can use from personal recommendations by Brandon Eisenlauer, one of the top biohackers. NOTE* not all are compliant with WADA please check with your testing agency before using.

Supplements For Endurance/Performance:

  • Meldonium
  • Bemitil
  • Actovegin
  • Trimetazidine
  • L-Carnitine
  • Turkesterone

Supplements for Recovery:

Supplements for Focus During Athletic Events:

Optimize brain function

What else can I do to support my brainpower?

Healthy lifestyles that protect your heart and reduce your risk for chronic illnesses will help your brain function properly. Let’s take a look, what else can be done to maintain brain function and athleticism.

Tip #4: Get physical exercise

Undoubtedly physical activity benefits brain function! Exercise, especially aerobics, increases blood flow to the brain, delivering essential oxygen and nutrients to regions responsible for cognitive functions. Moreover, exercise stimulates the growth of new brain cells and strengthens connections between existing ones, known as synapses, promoting brain health. These changes enhance brain plasticity, allowing the brain to adapt to aging and operate more efficiently. Regular exercise also reduces the risk of cardiovascular and respiratory issues. Don’t forget about a good night’s sleep after heavy work-out to support recovery and overall well-being.

Tip #5: Improve your blood pressure and cholesterol & Maintain low blood sugar levels

High blood pressure is associated with cognitive decline, while excessive cholesterol levels can cause dementia. Making simple lifestyle adjustments, such as adopting a healthy diet, reducing alcohol intake, and quitting smoking, can effectively lower cholesterol and blood pressure levels, thus safeguarding cognitive function.

Diabetes can also exacerbate the progression of Alzheimer’s disease. By managing blood pressure, controlling cholesterol levels, and adopting a healthy lifestyle, individuals can mitigate their risk of diabetes. A nutritious diet aids in curbing sugar cravings that may lead to cognitive impairment. Individuals concerned about their health should seek guidance from a healthcare professional.

Tip #6: Eat a healthy diet


The advantages of a healthy diet cannot be overstated. Monitoring both your physical and mental well-being is crucial for maintaining overall health, provided you consume an adequate diet. Incorporating vegetables, greens and fruits into your meals can improve brain function.

Omega-3 fatty acids found in fish play a vital role in reducing inflammation and preserving cognitive abilities. Protein-rich foods contain amino acids that stimulate the production of neurotransmitters, enhancing alertness. Diets such as the Mediterranean, DASH, and MIND have been scientifically proven to enhance brain function and cognitive performance.

Concluding on the Importance of WADA Compliance

In conclusion, optimizing brain function and incorporating a variety of supplements can significantly enhance athletic performance. By addressing mental well-being and utilizing nootropics like selank and noopept, athletes can achieve better focus and mind-to-muscle connection, crucial for complex movements in sports. Additionally, exploring new supplements like Meldonium for stress reduction and recovery can further support athletic endeavors.

However, it’s essential to remain mindful of WADA compliance when using supplements. Moreover, maintaining physical exercise, challenging the brain, and adopting a healthy lifestyle are integral parts of maximizing brainpower and overall athletic performance. Whether it’s staying active, controlling blood pressure and cholesterol, managing blood sugar levels, or staying mentally engaged, these practices contribute to optimal brain health and cognitive function. By incorporating these strategies into their routines, athletes can unlock their full potential and excel in their athletic pursuits.

*This article is based on the tips by the biohacker Brandon Eisenlauer.

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