4 TIPS TO BOOST ENERGY: Transition from Winter to Spring Effortlessly

April 3, 2023

Smooth transition from winter to spring can be tricky. For some it means a burst of energy and good spirits. But for others the effect is quite the opposite. Exacerbation of chronic diseases, colds, chronic fatigue, spring allergies, and even depression are frequent visitors of the spring season.

How to boost energy in spring? How to make your brain work better? How to find your calm? Quick tips in this article.


Winter always affects our health. We experience drowsiness, loss of energy, depression, emotional exhaustion. Most conditions get worse during the transition from winter to spring.

First of all it is important not beat yourself up and allow the emotions to be there. However if your mental health issues begin to feel overwhelming, you can find comfort in the fact that you have many options of how to deal with the spring low spirits.

boost energy in spring


This is what people often call “spring aggravation” or seasonal affective disorder (SAD). Usually SAD develops in the fall and winter. However, there are also cases when depression in SAD occurs in the spring or early summer.

One thing to remember is that absorbing into negativity is definitely not the healthies way, as it can cause further aggravation of chronic mental illnesses such as severe depression, anxiety, substance abuse, and sleep disorders. 


The main threat of spring is allergies. It is a big issue for many people and especially for asthmatics. Allergies symptoms include eye irritation, runny nose and sneezing or conversely nasal stuffiness, cough and ear stuffiness, skin lesions, bronchial asthma, and general weakness, headache, etc.

The main cause of spring allergies is air pollution from dust and pollen. For allergy relief, you need to start taking medications well in advance and consult immunologist and endocrinologist.


Doctors have been trying to strip away the myth of spring vitamin deficiency for years with little success so far. True avitaminosis implies the almost complete absence of one or more vitamins in the body and has nothing to do with the change of seasons. 

Thus it is very unlikely for relatively healthy people who consume enough plant foods, which are the main source of vitamins, to have this diagnosis.

This brings us to the first tip on how to boost energy in a healthy way.


According to the WHO recommendations, an adult shall eat at least 400 grams of fruits and vegetables a day. It would be perfect if you could include different colors of fruits and vegetables in your diet, for example: apples, beet, bananas, eggplants, spinach. Thus you will get the maximum benefit from it!

If you have some cognitive issues, please remember that brain is one of the most active organs in our body. Thus it needs you to eat healthy. On top of that, studies have found that a poor diet can worsen certain mood disorders such as anxiety and depression.

So if you want to take care of your mental health, you need to eat well-balanced meals every day that are brimming with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.


Dietary supplements and nootropics can support your diet and can potentially help you manage some of your health issues. 


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Regular exercise is part of achieving all-around wellness, including good mental health. Aside from helping you maintain a healthy weight and keeping your heart functioning properly, staying active can also benefit your brain. True enough, studies show that regular exercise can relieve stress, improve cognitive function, support sleep, boost your mood, and even increase mental alertness.

Exercising stimulates your body to release serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine — which are all proven to regulate your mood and improve your sense of well-being.

The transition from winter to spring is a tempting opportunity to get out and breathe some fresh air, look into the blue sky, and let the sun energy run through your body. So, be sure to carve out time every day to exercise ⁠— even if it is just a quick walk around your neighborhood. If you are not keen on sports there are many other ways to engage into physical activity, such as big clean-up, shopping, gardening, dog walking, etc.


Summing it up if you have tried all the tips above and nothing works, there is no shame in admitting that you need professional medical help. If you struggle with controlling your mental and physical health, try seeking help from health professionals such as psychiatrists, therapists, and mental health nurses.

Before taking any supplements it is also highly recommended to consult your doctor. Usually licensed help is the best way to improve your quality of life.

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