Nootropics for Social Interactions

February 23, 2020

There are several purposes for using nootropics – check the article on Psychology Today, where the author conducts an experiment on himself, applying different nootropics for social interaction ability improvement.

As he portraits it, he has experienced awkward feelings when interacting with others almost to the point it became panic-inducing. He theorizes that it may have been a result of poor sleep, exercise, eating habits, and lack of mindfulness.

Like a lot of people, he believes that nootropics can help to deal with social anxiety in different ways: directly or through other mechanisms, such as improved sleep, antistress effects, etc.

Here are some nootropics that the author used to improve his social well-being and how he used them exactly:

1.  Uridine Monophosphate (or UMP)

This nootropic is frequently used to improve memory and learning, as well as reduce depression symptoms as it promotes the growth of new neurons and synapses.

Here is the experience described in the article:

“UMP amps up my verbal fluency to superhuman levels. It is still beyond me how well this works. I take 100 mg if I want to make sure not to stumble on words, way below the 1000–2000 mg per day dosages that were used in clinical trials.”

“UMP potently removes brain fog in my experience.

I also sometimes use UMP for motivation, it starts working for me at 200 mg for this, which is the max I ever use because I don’t get better results with more.

My assessment is that uridine monophosphate has no risk for addiction and that there’s only a low risk for side-effects.

2. Ashwagandha

Is a popular nootropic for reducing anxiety and stress. Even though it is different in composition, effects are much like Afobazole. And it has scientifically proven effects.

This is the report:

“I use .75 ml Ashwagandha from a tincture every day before I go to bed. It’s part of my daily nootropic stack. I find it gives me a slight boost in cognition, which I attribute to lower stress. I experience no side effects from Ashwagandha. I don’t use it specifically for social interactions, but I think I get a positive effect on my social interactions from Ashwagandha through improved sleep. I’ve tried using it for social interactions specifically and it does reduce my social anxiety slightly, though it is hard to tell because it is almost at zero pretty much all the time.”

3. L-Theanine

Frequently considered to reduce blood pressure and improve relaxation,  L-Theanine may be useful for those who feel stressed in social interactions and have a reduced sleep quality.

“I use 50–400 mg every evening to improve my sleep. I experience no side effects from L-theanine. I don’t use it specifically for social interactions, but I think I get a positive effect on my social interactions from L-theanine through improved sleep. I know it can help reduce social anxiety for me if I’m in a stressed state of mind.”

4. Curcumin with Piperine

Less researched, this combo is said to reduce inflammation and assist in treating anxiety and even depression.

Here what the article in Psychology Today has to say:

“I use 300 mg curcumin with 3 mg piperine every morning to improve my mood, anxiety, and level of inflammation over the long term. I experience no side effects from curcumin or piperine. I don’t use the combination specifically for social interactions, but I think I get a positive effect on my social interactions over the long term from the various subtle improvements in mental and bodily health markers.”

In CosmicNootropic

Here in Cosmic Nootropic we also have some interesting things for you! In our Energy & Adaptogens section, there is a lot of preparations that are able to help one to deal with social interaction issues. Check them out and take your chance to get a bit of energy for making a comfortable interaction!

You can also check out unique oxytocin in tablet form, which is a peptide produced when interacting with people and loved ones. It was shown to improve trust between people and make them more generous. It also plays a crucial role in bonding and can therefore help people come to an agreement easier.

Of course, it doesn’t mean that one can solve all the problems by just using nootropics. It should be always a whole complex of proper actions, such as good sleep, a healthy diet, the necessary level of physical activity, etc. The first thing we need to understand is if we really want to change something!

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