Producers of Nootropics: Takeda, Actovegin Producer

April 18, 2019

TAKEDA company is an ACTOVEGIN producer. Let’s take a closer look!

About the company

Takeda is a global biopharmaceutical company focused on patient needs and the research and development of innovative solutions.

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Despite the fact that the company was incorporated in 1925, the year of the foundation is considered to be 1781. Then, Chobei Takeda I started a business selling traditional Japanese and Chinese medicines in a special medical district Doshomachi, Osaka. The company has a long story of growth, but today we can say for sure, that it is a leader in the global pharmaceutical market. Takeda is represented in about 80 countries and ranks third in the Japanese market and first in the United States. The Takeda company group consists of 151 companies, including the parent company, 135 consolidated subsidiaries, and 15 affiliated companies.

Research and Development

Takeda’s research activities are aimed at developing drugs in the field of oncology, gastroenterology, neurology, treatment of rare diseases, blood plasma and vaccine preparations. The research and development are conducted in Japan, the USA, Brazil, the United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland, China, and Singapore.

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Takeda company has many manufacturing sites worldwide: Japan (Osaka, Hikari), Italy, Ireland, Germany, Austria, Denmark, Belgium, Norway, Poland, Russia, China, Indonesia, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Estonia, and India.

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But in CosmicNootropic store, from all the products made by Takeda company, we mostly offer you ACTOVEGIN, a tablet and injection forms of which are produced in Russia. That’s why we would like to tell you about the Takeda plant located here. For plants located in other countries, you can just check the official website, which is also available in English. 

The Russian Takeda plant is located in Yaroslavl, and it is one of the first production sites built by foreign pharmaceutical companies in Russia. The main task of the plant is the production of sterile solutions, which is one of the most complex productions, demanding strict control of all the processes.

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By the way, they have a 360° tour on their website, so feel free to walk around the plant area! There is also an English version: just click the “English” button at the bottom of the page.

Quality Standards

Today, the company operates a modern high-tech production of solid and liquid dosage forms in accordance with Russian and international GMP standards. Production of all drugs at the Takeda plant in Yaroslavl is carried out in accordance with GMP standards. The plant meets the latest requirements of industrial safety and environmental cleanliness.

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