Selank Review: Mechanism of Action, Use Safety, Intended Uses, Differences between Selank & Semax, FAQs

June 19, 2024

According to some specialists, preparations that can enhance a person’s spirits or improve mental performance have already become “vitamins of the XXI century”. They are sometimes even called “brain cosmetics”. Scientific and pharmaceutical studies have been conducted worldwide to help people fight depression, work faster and more efficiently and stay calm and confident. Russian scientists created several unique medications of the kind, namely Semax® and Selank® nasal drops for both healthy people and for patients who have disorders. In this article, we will provide the Selank review and we will answer some of the most topical questions and pressing concerns that first-time users might come up with.


What is Selank?

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Selank® 0.15% (Market Authorization Number LRS-003338/09 of 30.04.2009) is an anxiolytic peptide drug with nootropic properties usually sold as a nasal spray or drops. By its structure, Selank is based on endogenous tetrapeptide Tuftsin, which plays an important role in the immune system. Usually, its concentration is small and it performs the function of an immunomodulator, that is, it stimulates human immunity. It penetrates into the brain only when it starts to be synthesized in higher concentrations (for example, under stress). In fact, it is like “pressing a button” that triggers anti-stress mechanisms at the biochemistry level. But the lifespan of Tuftsin is short – no more than several minutes. To slow the breakdown of the peptide and prolong its effects, the inventors of Selank added glyproline to its structure.

selank fomula
Tuftsin was found to have anxiolytic effects in 1995 and over the next decade, Russian scientists were focusing on developing a peptide drug that was able to have the most pronounced anxiolytic effects. This research, as well as clinical trials, lasted until 2009 when Selank was finally brought to market under the brand name Selank® 0.15%. It is produced at a GMP-compliant factory by Peptogen Inc.
The spectrum of the pharmacological action of the drug is unique. It is a popular over-the-counter anti-anxiety medicine with antidepressant and anti-asthenic actions; it also has a capacity to enhance memory and cognitive functions. In short its intended uses include:

  • Anxiety and adjustment disorders;
  • Neurasthenia, emotional lability;
  • Sleep disturbance;
  • Stress-related disorders.

It also helps to reduce somatic manifestations of anxiety such as headaches and muscle pain.

The mechanism of anxiolytic action is related to the regulation of norepinephrine, serotonin, and enkephalin levels and their metabolism in the brain. It is suggested that another possible mechanism of action is inhibition of enkephalin-degrading enzymes, which increases the activity of the endogenous opioid system and explains the mild analgesic effect of Selank.
Numerous clinical trials confirmed the safety of this peptide, which was found to not form a dependence and to be non-toxic even in doses 200-500 times higher than the therapeutic ones.

Biohackers about Selank

What are the Primary Uses of Selank?


Stress is the body’s normal defense response necessary for survival. Doctors call this condition “adaptation syndrome” as any changes, be they negative or positive, knock us out of our usual course and force us to adapt to new life circumstances.
Scientists at the Institute of Molecular Genetics of the Russian Academy of Sciences have developed an agent that may help to reduce stress and tension. It is called Selank – a regulatory peptide recommended by some doctors in the complex therapy of post-traumatic stress disorders. In one of the studies, Selank was administered to 30 patients diagnosed with adjustment disorder for 14 days. The results of the study confirmed the stress-protective effect of the Selank peptide drug, which persisted even after the drug was discontinued. [18]
Stress is detrimental to our health. It can lead to cardiovascular diseases, weight gain, decreased sex drive, depression, asthma, and so on. If you have stress in your life you might want to ask for professional medical advice or consider adequate supplemental treatment.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

If you are lacking motivation for a long period of time, it is most likely the “disease of the century” – chronic fatigue syndrome. The syndrome of chronic fatigue has been studied by medical scientists worldwide and there are numerous methods to help oneself through this condition. One of them is suggested by Russian scientists – Selank, a drug capable of unloading the nervous system and restoring the work of neurons. It produces a mild yet noticeable effect with very few side effects.
If you observe signs of chronic fatigue (inability to rest, decreased immunity, irritation, pain in muscles and so on) you might want to pay extra attention to your mental and physical health.


Depression is a mental disorder that can severely compromise health and, in the worst cases, lead to suicide. To one degree or another, almost everyone experiences a depressive episode at least once in their life. Depression can be triggered by dissatisfaction with yourself, a childbirth, a somatic disease or alcohol/drug addiction. But there are also cases when depression occurs against the general well-being, which makes it even more difficult to diagnose.
Depression can and shall be treated. In medical practice, in order to increase the therapeutic effect of drugs against depression, sometimes doctors prescribe Selank. In research by Dr Verbenko of the Georgievsky Medical Academy (Simferopol, Crimea) it was established that Selank regulatory peptide enhances the therapeutic capabilities of SSRIs in the treatment of anxiety-depressive disorders, it promotes the early appearance of antidepressant and anti-anxiety effects by the end of 1-2 weeks of the therapy, it reduces side effects caused by an antidepressant, and it minimizes the risk of developing secondary resistance to the therapy. [21]
Generally in modern practice, depression is treated quite successfully, if you do not delay a visit to the doctor. Various antidepressants are usually prescribed along with psychotherapy, while tranquilizers and nootropics are used to help them. For each case, a comprehensive treatment is selected by the specialist individually.

Anxiety Disorder (AD)

AD is a stress-related disorder of the nervous system. It manifests itself in a tense and restless attitude, practically without reference to a specific situation. Reasons behind AD are numerous: chronic stress, increased self-exactingness, psychological trauma etc. AD often goes side by side with other neurotic problems: panic attacks, obsessive-compulsive disorder, social phobia.
Treatment for generalized anxiety disorder in adults consists of two parts:

  1. Psychotherapy,
  2. Pharmaceutical treatment. The therapeutic effect of drugs may be enhanced by Selank.

In the study led by Vladimir Medvedev (Ph.D in Medicine) and devoted to optimization of the treatment of anxiety disorders, monotherapy with Phenazepam was compared to that combined with Selank. It has been established that Selank, according to some parameters, enhances and / or accelerates the onset of the therapeutic effect of Phenazepam. In the combination therapy, Selank reduces the severity of a number of adverse events caused by Phenazepam (impaired cognitive functions, sexual disorders, etc.) throughout the combined administration of the tranquilizer and Selank, as well as after the withdrawal of the tranquilizer. The discovered properties of Selank significantly improved the quality of life of patients in comparison with those who were on monotherapy. [15]
Seeking medical help is necessary if anxiety and fears that have no meaningful basis torment a person for several weeks, and months. In this case, adequate medical help would be necessary to prevent further deterioration of the state.


This is a disorder of the nervous system, which is caused by the depletion of the body’s strength. The main symptom of neurasthenia is the increasingly rapid fatigue, both mental and physical, against a background of increased irritability.
According to the WHO, about 10% of the population of developed countries needs treatment for neurasthenia. Women suffer from this disease 2-3 times more often than men, especially when they reach the age of menopause.
Today, to improve the results of the complex therapy of neurasthenia, physicians recommend a nootropic agent called  Selank. Research on Selank was conducted at the Mental Health Research Center of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences. 62 patients with GAD and neurasthenia were studied. The effect of Selank was compared to that of Medazepam. The anxiolytic effects of both drugs were similar but Selank also had antiasthenic and psychostimulant effects. There was no withdrawal syndrome and no manifestations of drug dependence after discontinuation of Selank. The tolerance of Medazepam turned out to be worse. [6]
As for menopause, there was also a study by Dr Fedorov, that involved 30 women over 50 years old with different manifestations of climacteric syndrome. Against the background of Selank treatment, the severity of the manifestation of vegetative disorders and psycho-emotional disorders, in general, decreased by 2.5-11.0 times, without actually affecting the level of endocrine-metabolic changes. Selank significantly improved the mood and well-being of the patients: the average depression score decreased by 40%. The study revealed the high tolerability of the drug. In the course of the research, there were no significant side effects recorded. [20]
Please note that only a doctor can assess the patient’s condition with neurasthenia and prescribe drugs. Uncontrolled medication intake can significantly worsen the situation – deepen exhaustion and disrupt the work of various body systems.

How can I support my nervous system?

According to the studies of recent decades, in addition to the clinical heterogeneity of anxiety disorders, which is reflected in modern classifications, the heterogeneity of their pathogenetic bases with the involvement of many neurochemical systems has been revealed.
Starting from the 80s of the last century and up to the 2000s, Russian scientists have been looking for an answer to the question of what can support the nervous system. They concluded that the state of anxiety and stress is regulated by neurotransmitters – these are mediators in our nervous system. Our “hormones of happiness” include:

  • Serotonin which is responsible for mood,
  • Dopamine which controls our emotions and thinking,
  • Noradrenaline which affects our psycho-emotional state.

When there is a negative effect on our nervous system, the neurotransmitter balance is disturbed – the level of serotonin and noradrenaline increases, and the level of enkephalins decreases, which leads to a deterioration in the psycho-emotional state.
The mechanism of the positive therapeutic action of Selank is based on its ability to restore normal levels of serotonin, noradrenaline and enkephalins in the emotio-genic centers of the brain (limbic system) [7]. Selank influences the primary link of anxiety, i.e. restoring the balance of neurotransmitters, which eliminates the cause of stress at the biochemical level. This principle is based on the formula of the unique peptide Tuftsin. In the normal state, it is produced by the body in the spleen, but it quickly degrades and its effect is short-term.
Selank is a Russian drug against stress and anxiety, which is based on the structure of Tuftsin. In addition to improving mental activity, another property of Tuftsin is the ability to relieve states of fear and anxiety. Selank repeats the mechanism for restoring the nervous system embedded by nature.
Further, Selank increases the synthesis of dopamine in the cerebral cortex, which begins to interact with the neurons responsible for physical and mental performance, because the basis of the stimulating, restoring and increasing the activity of the brain is the accumulation of dopamine. Fast switching from one problem to another is provided which increases efficiency in multitasking. Mental activity is accelerated and attention is improved.

Benefits of Selank

According to the results of studies carried out among people with anxiety-phobic, anxiety-hypochondriacal, generalized and other types of anxiety disorders, it has been proven that the treatment with the peptide drug Selank may have the following benefits:

  • Significantly reduce the severity of anxiety of varying degrees,
  • Reduce the level of depression,
  • Decrease internal tension and irritability,
  • Reduce asthenic manifestations (increase muscle tone),
  • Reduce somatic headaches and body aches,
  • Increase vigor, activity and resistance to stress,
  • Improve sleep quality and a sense of relaxation,
  • Improve memory, concentration and the speed of reaction,
  • Improve the quality of life (mental state, social functions, vitality).

It has been established that the most optimal use of Selank is for relatively simple structure anxiety and anxiety-asthenic states of generalized anxiety disorder, neurasthenia, and adaptation disorders. [9] When using Selank, two fundamentally different types of implementation of its action are noted:

  • “Lytic”, gradual – typical for most psychotropic drugs, including tranquilizers, – with a gradual increase in the intensity of clinical and pharmacological effects, a gradual reduction of psychopathological disorders under its action, and
  • “Critical”, “aborting” action, revealed in 40% of patients – with the manifestation of clinical and pharmacological effects in the first hours or days after the use of Selank, with the appearance of hyperthymic affect in patients, followed by a leveling of the background mood and reduction of psychopathological disorders.

In complex therapy, Selank may enhance the therapeutic effect and neutralize side effects (cognitive, sexual and other dysfunctions) of other drugs including benzodiazepines like Phenazepam [12], and if they are canceled, it can reduce the degree of the severity of drug dependence. It is still important to note that Selank is designed as an auxiliary agent for generally healthy people. Severe conditions require complex approach and a professional supervision of a patient.

Can Selank be used as an anti-viral preparation?

Tuftsin, which is the base of Selank, has a wide spectrum of biological activity. It interacts with human C-reactive proteins and can participate in immunological processes during the acute phase reaction. The peptide exhibits not only the effect of immunoactivation, but also antitumor, antiviral, antifungal and antibacterial properties. [3]
A series of studies have been conducted on the effects of Selank on the immune system. In addition to the effect on the central nervous system, Selank has an antiviral effect, which was shown in the patent. Antiviral characteristics of the neurotropic and psychotropic peptide Selank were evaluated both in vitro and in vivo against influenza virus strain H3N2 and H5N1 and Herpes virus 1, 2 types. It was shown that Selank may have the prophylactic effect during influenza infection and therapeutic effect during herpes virus infection [10].
Clinical research concerning its potential as an anti-viral preparation is still ongoing. Please note that there are no official indications for the use of Selank in this mode yet.

How Selank was invented: scientists and research institutes behind its development

In the late 70s of the XX century, the Ministry of Defense of the USSR set the task for scientists to create a substance that would allow people to remain calm and clear-headed in extreme situations, for example, operators of nuclear missile installations and air traffic controllers – those whose jobs require long and unremitting concentration of attention, even under extreme fatigue.
Scientists who had already been studying drugs that affect the brain, by that time already knew that they needed to look for regulators produced by the body itself. There are dozens of substances of this type in our body, and they are responsible for a lot of processes: from the behavior of cells to the manifestation of emotions.
One of the promising directions for the creation of anxiolytics is their development based on biologically active peptides. These views are based on the fact that peptides are related to the body’s endogenous compounds, which, performing important neurotransmitter, modulating, and integrative tasks, form a single functional continuum, and are a connecting link of the main systems that mediate the body’s reactivity to external factors, regulating many aspects of homeostasis and higher nervous activity. Moreover, their importance increases when exposed to negative factors (stress, damage). The advantage of peptide drugs is an extremely low probability of toxicity when administered even in large doses since the products of their degradation are natural amino acids (short half-life, complete degradation), and a long duration of effects. In addition, regulatory peptides mainly perform homeostatic functions, which significantly reduces the likelihood of developing negative side effects when using them. [9]
The study was led by Nikolay Miasoedov and Igor Ashmarin. So who are these guys?
Dr Nikolay Miasoedov is a Soviet and Russian scientist in the field of biochemistry and biotechnology. His academic credentials include the following:

Nikolay Myasoedov

  • Academician and Deputy Head of Institute of Molecular Genetics (the Russian Academy of Sciences);
  • Doctor of Chemical Sciences, Professor, Honored Inventor of the Russian Federation;
  • Author of over 360 scientific papers and 2 monographs;
  • Author of more than 150 copyright certificates and patents for inventions of the USSR and the Russian Federation and 4 international patents (USA, England, France, and Sweden) etc.

“The constantly accelerating rhythm of life requires us to be highly stress-resistant. Selank allows us to successfully cope with increasing loads. It relieves nervous tension and fear. “
Miasoedov N.F., Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, creator of Selank drug
Dr Igor Ashmarin – Soviet and Russian scientist in the field of biochemistry and physiology.

Igor Ashmarin

  • Academician of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, Doctor of Biological Sciences;
  • Major General of the Medical Service;
  • Emeritus Professor of the Moscow State University, Full Member of the International Academy of Higher Education;
  • Author of several Student books, more than 4000 scientific papers, and monographs.

His scientific works were honored with a number of Soviet and Russian governmental awards and medals.
Work on the creation of Selank, led by these two honorable Russian scientists, began in 1978 and until 1988 was conducted behind the curtain.
Dozens of molecules have been tested in the Research Zakusov Institute of Pharmacology. There was a regulator peptide called Tuftsin among them, which was first described in 1970 at Tufts University (Boston, USA) [1]. Tuftsin is formed in humans in the spleen, where a piece of four amino acids in length is cleaved from the immunoglobulin in a strictly defined place.
In 1995, an interesting property of Tuftsin was discovered in the Department of pharmacogenetics – the ability to relieve states of fear and anxiety in experimental animals. At the Institute of Molecular Genetics, three amino acids were attached to the Tuftsin molecule, protecting it from premature decay in the human body and allowing it to remain in the body long enough to have time to influence the nervous system.
Clinical trials of Selank ended and in 2009 it became available in pharmacies. It is produced in the form of drops that need to be instilled into the nose – this is the best way to take neuropeptides.
Initially, Selank was used to treat anxiety disorders, for example, in cases where a person suffered from phobias, anxiety, accompanied by tremors, muscle tension, sweating, palpitations, dizziness, etc., but further clinical application turned out to be much wider.

Selank mechanisms of action / pharmacodynamics

Selank is an anxiolytic with antidepressant, antiasthenic and activating effect on human mnestic and cognitive functions.
Selank is based on 7 natural amino acids that are already present in the body and does the job of bringing the nervous system back to normal. The basis of the mechanism of action is the regulation of the synthesis of neurotransmitters (serotonin, noradrenaline, dopamine) and enkephalins in the brain. Selank operates in several directions:

Anxiolytic It acts on the primary link of anxiety – prevents an increase in the level of noradrenaline and serotonin in the emotio-genic zones of the brain, and a decrease in the concentration of enkephalins.
Anti-depressive It normalizes the level of enkephalins and serotonin in emotio-genic zones. When serotonin levels are low, depression develops, and Selank stimulates the synthesis of serotonin when it is low. And with a high level of monoamine content (the development of anxiety), it blocks it.
It eliminates negative emotional stress, restores motivational activity and activates adaptive behavior aimed at achieving a useful result; it corrects stress-induced somatic disorders.
Nootropic It has a positive effect on mnestic and cognitive functions of the human brain. Selank activates the processes of learning, memory, analysis and reproduction of information.
Antiasthenic It enhances the synthesis of dopamine in the area of the cortex and diencephalon, which is manifested in the reduction of asthenic disorders with a non-exhaustive type of action.

On the basis of research, it has been proven that the pluripotency and variety of Selank effects (for example, the effect on the activity of serotonergic, catecholaminergic and opiatergic systems, etc.) is largely explained by the activation of biochemical cascade processes in the brain cells that prolong and enhance the therapeutic effect of the drug.
The fact that Selank has a normalizing effect on the activity of the main neurotransmitter systems of the brain determines the plasticity of its pharmacological and therapeutic effects. In patients with generalized anxiety disorder, a pronounced anxiolytic effect is noted in the Selank spectrum of action; in patients with neurasthenia, the stimulating, antiasthenic effect of the drug is more pronounced.
As a human neuropeptide, Selank acts on the body as an “endogenous expert”: exactly in the degree and direction in which it is necessary to maintain and / or restore the normal functioning of the central nervous system of each individual person, weakened or impaired as a result of adverse factors. The more the pathological conditions are developed, the more powerful the normalizing effect of Selank is.

Is it Safe to use Selank?

Most drugs used to treat mental and neurological disorders cause drowsiness, lethargy, dull thinking, and other side effects. They cannot be used in difficult and critical situations that require extreme concentration. Selank is void of these disadvantages.
Thanks to the form of nasal drops, the drug immediately enters the mucous membrane, is quickly absorbed, and begins to act almost instantly, naturally being included in the body’s metabolism. At the same time, Selank does not have an adverse effect on human organs and systems, which makes it possible to take it almost in case of any concomitant diseases. The drug does not cause addiction and withdrawal symptoms.
For over 10 years, Selank has been recommended by more than 2,000 Russian doctors. The drug has a high safety profile, it is practically non-toxic since it breaks down in the body into amino acids – simpler molecules that, as a result of metabolism, are used by cells to maintain life. The action of Selank has been proven by clinical studies of Russian scientists.
Selank has a high safety profile and is available over the counter without a prescription.

Is Selank compatible with other drugs?

Selank is suitable for simultaneous administration with various medications affecting the central nervous system. Moreover, it helps to alleviate the withdrawal effect and reduce the side effects of other medications.

Is it Safe to Drive a Car after taking Selank?

Selank does not affect the ability to drive vehicles and use mechanisms. It does not have a hypnotic effect. Moreover, it increases attention and relieves fatigue, excitement and anxiety, which allows it to be assigned to persons of a wide variety of professions that require both increased attention and special coordination of movements (vehicle drivers, plant operators).

Can I use Selank along with drinking Alcohol?

Selank is safe when used together with ethanol-containing products. It does not interact with alcohol, on the contrary, it reduces the toxicity of ethanol and its adverse effects on brain function [13].

Why does Selank come in the form of nasal drops?

This is the question we often receive from our customers. In this section, we would like to tell you why intranasal Selank is suggested by the developers.
Many obstacles arise in the way of a drug molecule to its point of destination. These include protective systems of organs, absorption of drugs by healthy cells, and so on. If the medication is intended for the brain, then the blood-brain barrier (BBB) can become such an obstacle. The BBB prevents active substances from entering the brain tissue from the blood.
Therefore, the developers of the Selank peptide had to come up with a system of rapid delivery to the affected areas of the brain overcoming the BBB. And this problem has been successfully resolved: the administration of the active substance through the nasal mucosa is the most direct and fastest way to brain cells. The effectiveness of intranasal administration is higher than other methods (tablet or IM), because this mode of administration ensures the rapid transport of the active substance directly into the brain tissue along the olfactory nerves.

nasal intake
As a result of research, it was found that with the intranasal route of administration Selank:

  • Quickly penetrates the BBB (which allows the use of low dosages of the drug) along the sensory nerves;
  • Possesses high bioavailability: 92.8% of the active substance;
  • Promotes the rapid manifestation of the clinical effect: it is found in the brain tissues in 2 minutes after the intake;
  • Concentrates in the archeo cortex and diencephalon (Selank’s target areas);
  • Ensures the absence of interactions with other drugs;
  • Provides convenience and painlessness of use;
  • Valid for 24 hours.

On-label use vs Off-label use of Selank

You may also come across some off-label uses of Selank in injections especially for athletic purposes (although it is restricted in professional sports) since it is known to help overcome stress during the pre-contest period, sleep better and improve concentration and physical performance. Vendors suggest Selank 5mg. The doses of injections vary from 200mcg to 500mcg per one pin depending on the body weight and purposes. However, injecting more than 900mcg per day does not proportionally increase the effect of the medication so overdosing is undesirable as there will be no expected effect. There are also some anecdotal reports on Reddit concerning Selank injections which are quite controversial.
We strongly believe that on-label use shall be so to say a default use for the majority of medications including nootropics. Some people promote using nootropics off-label because they think the on-label use is not effective enough. While it might be true that in certain cases using nootropics off-label can increase the subjective effects and it can be felt instantly (intranasal Noopept for instance), the on-label use is by definition sufficiently effective and also by definition carries fewer risks and side effects.

Other forms of Selank: N-Acetyl Selank, N-Acetyl Selank Amidate

Apart from the original Russian Selank there are two other forms:

  1. N-Acetyl-Selank (also known as NA-Selank) is an acetylated version of Selank.
  2. NA-Selank-Amidate (also referred to as NASelankA) is the newest analog of Selank with amidated molecules.

These two compounds are said to cross the blood brain barrier easier than the original form of Selank due to the added acetyl group to one end of the molecule. Thus they are supposed to get absorbed into the brain better and therefore be more potent.
However there is no available official data on their use, safety and efficacy so far. Even though they are provided by vendors for research purposes only, there are a number of different anecdotal reports on their effectiveness on Reddit. While some people say that the new compounds have a way better effect for them, others claim that there is generally no difference compared to conventional Selank. However if you are looking for a proven medication with the history of use and a good safety-and-effectiveness ratio you might start your journey in the world of nootropics with the original Selank nasal drops.

Anecdotal references of using Russian Selank on Reddit r/nootropics?

There are a number of Selank reviews on Reddit. Here is one of them with positive feedback from a healthy patient not suffering from any nervous system disorders. The listed Selank benefits include crystal clear thinking, bigger resistance to outside stressors, and improved sleep.
There is also quite an informative discussion devoted to Selank administration in those with autoimmune disorders. Though there are no official contraindications, it should be noted that people with such conditions might take some precautions before administering any drug or nootropic preparation without prior consultation with the doctor.
And finally, there is a comprehensive personal review followed by a discussion devoted to both Semax and Selank in terms of how effective they are for people struggling with depression and other disorders of the nervous system.

The storage conditions of Selank

How long can I keep an open bottle of Selank without it losing its effectiveness?

An open bottle of Selank can be stored as long as six months if you follow the storage instructions: close the bottle + put it in the refrigerator and store it at temperatures below 10°C (50°F).

How long can I keep Selank at the room temperature without damage to its effectiveness?

There is a safe preservative in the composition of Selank. That is why according to the official information of the producer, once opened a bottle of Selank can be kept at room temperatures below 25°C (77°F) for a period of up to 30 days. It means that you can carry Selank with you or take it on a trip never worrying about it losing its properties. For longer periods of time, Selank shall be stored in the refrigerator. The shelf life of a new product is 2 years if stored properly.

Is Selank going to be degraded after a long journey from Russia to the US?

  • The product contains methylparaben (0.01%), which works as a preservative and ensures a longer shelf-life. It is considered safe and is frequently used in other drugs.
  • The product is sterile and is produced in a GMP-compliant factory, which is likely to increase storage duration.
  • This implies that if the temperature is between 10°C (50°F) to 25°C (77°F) the storage duration is anywhere between 30 days to 2 years, depending on the temperature.

How to take Selank?

One bottle of Selank contains 60 drops, each having 75 mcg of the active ingredient. The average dose is 2-3 drops in each nostril. It is to be instilled onto the nasal mucosa, but NOT into the nasopharynx because it is not a cough and cold preparation.
Selank shall be taken up to 3 times per day, for a period of 14 days. One vial is meant to be used within 5-7 days.
The treatment can be repeated after 1-3 weeks if necessary.

How soon will I feel the effect of Selank?

It depends on the purpose of the intake and the disease. In healthy people (intense excitement, anxiety, increased fatigue, emotional stress, etc.), the effect of the intake occurs within 5-20 minutes. In case of anxiety: if the period from the onset of the disease is small (from a month to a year) – on the first day if the period is significant (years) – starting from the third day.

Can I use Selank if I am under acute stress?

This is one of the main indications for the use of Selank in healthy people. Selank increases stress tolerance, eliminates negative emotional stress, and restores normal behavioral reactions (a person finds a way out of a stressful situation faster). An additional advantage is a short course, the effect from the first dose, and a positive impact on memory.

Where is Selank manufactured and how to ensure its quality?

Peptogen is the producer of the most popular products available in our store: Semax and Selank. Why do we trust this company? Let us see.
About the Company
Peptogen Innovation Center is a Russian company that specializes in the production of drugs of a new generation, whose action is aimed at the prevention and treatment of diseases associated with the brain. Peptogen was founded in 2005 with the participation of the Institute of Molecular Genetics of the Russian Academy of Sciences. The purpose of the company is the production of medicinal products developed by the Institute and the development of its own compounds and preparations.
The company develops and manufactures new-generation drugs that fully comply with the requirements of the international pharmaceutical quality standards (Good Manufacturing Practice, No. GMP-0014-000019/15 from 11/03/15). The company has got a license issued by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation (#00037-LS from 07/30/2014). It is also a member of the National Association of Pharmaceutical and Medical Products Manufacturers. In 2015, Peptogen was awarded the diploma of the nominee of the national prize “Priority 2015”. The Priority 2015 award evaluates all the most modern, competitive, and efficient Russian companies in the field of import substitution. Obtaining this diploma is another proof that Peptogen is a modern pharmaceutical company, and its products are of high guaranteed quality.
The company carries out wholesale deliveries of products through leading national and regional distributors throughout Russia, such as PROTEK and KATREN.

You can watch the official video from the production site of Semax:

The main production site is located on the territory of Strogino Technopark, Moscow (Russia). All the work of the Technopark is coordinated by the Department of Science, Industrial Policy, and Entrepreneurship of Moscow. The structure and operation of the production department were developed with the participation of GMProject (Russia – Czech Republic) in accordance with all the requirements of the Rules for the Organization of Production and Quality Control of Drugs and based on the current Russian norms in the field of construction, fire safety and industrial sanitation.

semax production 5
In addition, all requirements for carrying out technological operations are taken into account. Production is carried out in special “clean rooms”, which completely exclude the influence of the external environment. All the microclimate parameters (humidity, temperature, pressure, etc.) are set in these rooms. The staff working in the “clean rooms” passes to the workplace through the personnel airlock, which is designed for employees to change into working overalls. Materials, raw materials, and sterilized vials for packing nasal drops are delivered through special active gateways for production. After the bottling site, the medicine bottles are transferred through the active gateway for labeling and packaging. At this stage, samples are taken for final chemical and microbiological analysis. After the analyses are completed, a certificate of quality is issued for a series of goods, and it is transferred to the warehouse.
Quality control
The quality control department carries out physicochemical and microbiological control in modern laboratories equipped with the latest technology. In addition, all instruments used in laboratories, in turn, are annually tested at Rostest (the largest organization of practical metrology and certification on the territory of the Russian Federation). Thus, the control over the production of medicines at all stages ensures guaranteed product quality.

peptogen production-7
Main statement
The company states: “We work to save and enhance the health of people of all ages, providing the ability to use unique Russian new generation drugs”.

Please be aware that Selank nootropic is not approved by the FDA. It is hard to name the exact reason behind this phenomenon. But indeed very often we witness situations when quite effective and safe nootropics are successfully used in Central and Eastern Europe (Ukraine, Kazakhstan) and Russia, but they fail to be approved in the USA as their effectiveness is deemed insufficient enough. There can be several reasons for that:

  • High entry barriers for small companies

Unfortunately sometimes small- and medium-scale local producers do not always have enough funds to carry out expensive research that is required by the legislation of some countries and such companies lack the opportunity to introduce their preparations to a particular market.

  • Difference in criteria

Also, the characteristics of an effective medication largely differ in Russia and the USA. In Russia, a safe drug can be approved for commercialization even if it is not working for all people and not every time, while in America rules may differ. This might be true in the case of Selank nootropic. And vice versa some drugs that are widely used and approved in the US are considered highly unsafe and are strictly forbidden in Russia. For example, Adderall (Ritalin) which contains amphetamines is prohibited in Russia because its contents are conceived narcotic substances. However, it is approved by the FDA in the US for treating a number of disorders including ADHD and narcolepsy.

  • The general attitude towards products and companies from Russia

Unfortunately, it is impossible to ignore politics even when it comes to aspects of human health and medicine. Currently, it is rather difficult to do business and develop something in the US because of the ongoing tough political relations between the two countries.

Is Selank legal in the US, UK, and Australia?

The fact that Selank is not approved by the FDA does not mean that it is illegal. It only means that Selank is not a scheduled chemical compound and you cannot buy it in pharmacies or drug stores in the US, UK or Australia. If a person does not have the intent to supply or resell it, Selank can be legally obtained for personal use in minor quantities in online stores or in other countries, for example in Russia.

As for the customs, there are usually no issues with parcels containing nootropics like Selank.

Selank vs Semax: what are the differences?

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Selank and Semax are always on the list of the most popular products in the CosmicNootropic store, but how do I choose between the two of them? For those who are still in doubt about what peptide nootropics to use and how to make the proper choice, we are going to describe their differences in brief.
Both Selank and Semax are manufactured by Peptogen. Both are peptide nootropics for the brain. However, unlike regular nootropics, they have a different mechanism of action. A specific feature of these two preparations is that they help only if there is a specific need in the central nervous system.
Selank and Semax are two very different products. Even though they are both peptides administered intranasally, they produce different effects.

  • Selank is an anxiolytic (anti-anxiety agent) with nootropic properties, antidepressant, and antiasthenic effects;
  • Semax is a nootropic that has pronounced stimulating effects on mental performance.

In short, if you are looking to release stress, relax, and improve your mood – Selank is your choice. Semax will be useful for those looking for improved focus, mild stimulation, and faster learning. Combining Selank and Semax is NOT contraindicated.

Below you will find a comprehensive Semax & Selank comparison in a video review by Coach Steve (Part 1 and Part 2)!

The official drug sheet of Selank

International Non-proprietary Name (Inn):  threonyl-lysyl-prolyl-arginyl-prolyl-glycyl-proline diacetate.

 Selank® nasal drops 0,15% (3 ml) | [PDF]

Where can I buy Selank?

There are several companies where you can buy original Selank, namely:

  • is a reliable supplier which has been around for over 5 years. They mainly specialize in supplying original Russian medications that otherwise would be difficult to obtain.
  • is another trustworthy supplier with many positive reviews. They focus on delivering medical products from Russia, Europe, and India.
  • vendors is a number one online store that links businesses and customers in almost all aspects of life including medications.

Let us compare current prices and the delivery cost for Selank. Prices listed in the table below are regular as of April 2021 for one unit without any special offers or discounts. Amazon vendors
Selank 0.15% 19 USD 19 EUR around 29 USD
Delivery 10 USD 15 EUR free

Where Can I buy alternative Selank versions?

Limitless Life Nootropics is a provider of high-quality peptides and nootropics for research applications. Their delivery cost is 8.50USD plus 7% tax.

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This article is intended for informational purposes only. All medical preparations shall be taken upon the doctor’s advice and under medical supervision.


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