The Psychoactive Substances Act and Nootropics in the UK

February 20, 2019

Many of you might have been reluctant to order nootropics because of the Psychoactive Substances Act accepted in the UK.

So we want to clarify that this Act only affects sales and distribution of the substances within the UK. If you are ordering products from us as an individual, only for personal use, it should be okay. Individuals may order non-prohibited substances from abroad for personal use just as before. This is completely legal and our UK customers don’t have any issues when ordering from us and receiving their orders!

Another question about importing nootropics in the UK is the UK import duty and whether people have to pay it. We know about it and we take it into account. We mark all our parcels to the UK with a value of less than 30 GBP so that you can receive your order hassle-free and not worry about paying the duty. Upon your request, we can also mark the parcel as a gift.

Last but not the least, our parcels to the UK are going very smoothly and standard delivery (Regular Airmail) for 5 USD is a great option for those whose shipping destination is the UK. Here is some statistic since the beginning of the year.

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