Top 5 Organic Nootropics For Your Memory

November 23, 2023

We know that nootropics are used for the enhancement of cognitive functions, including memory. Also, we know that there is a lack of studies on some of these preparations. However, some of them are discussed frequently, and there is a lot of placebo-controlled studies on these substances. There is a list of 5 most science-backed organic nootropics for improving memory, based on more than 500 studies with more than 5 thousand participants.


The preparation shows itself effective in terms of mindfulness. Also, there are small positive effects related to mood, nervousness, focus, energy, intelligence, and learning. Moreover, there’s a lot of evidence that Bacopa Monnieri has an effect on memory. However, it should be noted that some side effects are possible, such as increased stool frequency and nausea. The substance is fully legal in the United States, United Kingdom, Sweden, Canada, and Australia.

bacopa monnieri 1


Sage was examined in 110 participants. The studies showed that the substance has a minute positive impact on memory. Moreover, it has no side effects! Also, Sage has a small effect on mood, nervousness, focus, energy, sociality, stress, intelligence, learning, and mindfulness. It has a legal status in the United States and Canada.

sage 1


A positive effect on memory from the use of Turmeric is shown in studies with 215 participants included. Also, it has a small positive effect on mood, nervousness, physical performance, focus, energy, sociality, mindfulness, and sleep. Studies show that Turmeric is also effective for learning. Some people may have gastrointestinal complaints, but the substance is generally safe and legal in the United States, United Kingdom, Sweden, Canada, and Australia.

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The study on American Ginseng has 52 participants included. It showed a minute positive effect on memory from the use of the substance. Also, it can improve mood, focus, energy, mindfulness, and give a positive effect on learning and stress. With no negative side effects, it is a perfect thing to improve your cognitive functions! The substance is legal in the United States and Canada. In CosmicNootropic, we have several forms of Ginseng and preparations containing it.

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253 participants were included in studies on the effects of Ginkgo Biloba. Studies showed a minute positive effect on memory, and also on mood, focus, energy, stress, learning, and mindfulness. It also shows no negative effects and is legal to buy, possess, and use in United States, United Kingdom, Sweden, Canada and Australia. In CosmicNootropic, we have Ginkgo Biloba extract, and also some preparations containing this ingredient.

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To Conclude

There’s a need for more research on each of the nootropics in this list. Specifically, there’s a great degree of individual variance in how people respond to nootropics. This means that if you use a nootropic that there was a small effect from in a study with dozens of participants, you may get no effect or a large effect. Currently, while we wait for science to elucidate who is likely to respond to which nootropics, people continue self-experimentation which is not often the best method for nootropic use success.

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