December 27, 2020


Piracetam is the very first nootropic medicine, the first chemical compound in this group of drugs that was synthesized in 1964. It still remains one of the most important chemical compounds in the group. Chemically, it’s a derivative of pyrrolidone and is the ancestor of the racetams family.

Over the last four decades, piracetam has been extensively studied and it is currently approved in over 100 countries, including Russia. The chemical compound is widely used in clinical practice for the treatment of many neurological, psychiatric, and other diseases. Mostly, it’s prescribed to older patients, children, and adults to relieve the following symptoms:

  • Symptomatic treatment of various memory disorders
  • Psychoorganic syndrome with asthenia
  • Alcoholic psychoorganic syndrome
  • Treatment-resistant depressions
  • Many other conditions characterized by lowered intellectual functioning

But that’s not all. Also, it’s often used by healthy individuals searching for safe and mild cognitive improvement. To learn more about the studies on piracetam, check the tab Research on piracetam-based product pages.



In Russia, there are lots of piracetam-based pills produced under different brand names. The most popular one is NOOTROPIL, an original Belgian drug that was the ancestor of nootropics. Another popular product is the cheaper version of Nootropil called LUCETAM, which you can buy with fast shipping from our US warehouse!

In the CosmicNootropic store, we have not just preparations where piracetam is the main active substance, but also some different effective combinations. Let’s have a closer look at the full list!


NOOTROPIL/LUCETAM is piracetam itself, the original formula synthesized in 1960s by Corneliu E. Giurgea.

RACETAMS - VINPOTROPILE ® [Vinpocetine & Piracetam] VINPOTROPILE [Vinpocetine + Piracetam] is a combination drug. It is able to improve cerebral blood flow due to the active substance Vinpocetine and it can exert a nootropic effect through Piracetam, which is another active substance. The optimal dosage of the components in Vinpotropile and their proven synergy at the molecular level provide good tolerance and allow the drug to be used in a wide range of daily dosages.
OMARON [Piracetam + Cinnarizine] is a combination drug that stimulates blood flow and neuronal metabolic processes in the brain and has antihypoxic, nootropic, and vasodilating effects. Cinnarizine is a beta-blocker of slow calcium channels which prevents the entry of calcium ions into cells and reduces their content in the plasma membrane. It also reduces the tone of arteriole smooth muscles and their response to biogenic vasoconstrictors such as epinephrine, norepinephrine, dopamine, angiotensin, and vasopressin. It has a vasodilating effect (especially on blood vessels in the brain) as it enhances the antihypoxic effect of piracetam without significantly affecting arterial pressure.
Despite the fact that the active substance of NANOTROPIL is not piracetam but phenylpiracetam, we feel that it’s fair to include this preparation in the list since it’s another really popular and effective racetam drug. Phenylpiracetam has a direct activating effect on the integrative activity of the brain, promotes memory consolidation, improves concentration and mental activity, facilitates the learning process, increases the resistance of brain tissue to hypoxia and toxic effects, exhibits anticonvulsant and anxiolytic activity, regulates the processes of activation and inhibition of the CNS, improves mood.


To learn more about all these piracetam pills, check the product pages!

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