SEMAX is a Russian nootropic drug that is used in nasal spray and nasal drops form to improve cognitive functions and treat various medical conditions. By its structure, Semax is a fragment of endogenous neuropeptide ACTH.

It is used for disorders of the brain, astheno-neurotic disorders, traumatic brain injuries, and other diseases. Moreover, SEMAX has a huge number of different effects ranging from anesthesia with subcutaneous injections (this is not used in Russia) and ending with a marked increase in the effect of stimulants.

In our store, we have two types of preparation: SEMAX 1% and SEMAX 0.1%. People often ask us about which one to choose, and if they should take SEMAX 1% for getting a better effect. In this post, we’re going to explain the difference so you will be able to choose the proper one. Anyway, remember that you always should consult a specialist first.

Semax 1%

As you can conclude from the name, this one is a stronger one: the concentration of the active substance is 10 times greater than in Semax 0.1%.

Primary uses:

  • Faster recovery after strokes;
  • Alleviation of migraines;
  • Transient ischemic attacks;

So, the preparation is used for strokes, concussions, and other similar cases. If it is instilled in the first minutes after a stroke, the lesion becomes much smaller. Therefore, it is often stored even in ambulances.

Semax 0.1%

This solution is commonly used by healthy people. It is a medicine made for improving memory performance, which has a complex nootropic, neurometabolic, and neurotrophic effect.

Primary uses:

  • Increasing attention during repetitive and monotonous tasks;
  • Increasing intellectual capacity in extreme circumstances;
  • Alleviating the effects of cerebrovascular diseases;

The action of the drug is sufficient for relatively healthy people. If you want a greater effect, then instead of buying a more concentrated and expensive version, you just need to re-instill 10-15 minutes after the first dose. You also need to ensure that the drug was on the surface of the nose.

P. S.

By the way, SEMAX is used by leading Russian state clinics, the Ministry of Emergency Situations, and the Ministry of Defense of Russia. If you are interested in how the preparation is produced, read our post about PEPTOGEN, the manufacturing company.

semax1%vs semax0.1%

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