Phenylpiracetam review 2022: mechanism of action, benefits, useful tips and FAQs

August 30, 2022

In this review we have put together all useful information about Phenylpiracetam – one of our bestsellers. Phenylpiracetam has many great properties: it improves brain function, memory and attention. This Phenylpiracetam review was made to help our customers use this nootropic in a safe and efficient manner.

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What is Phenylpiracetam?

Phenylpiracetam molecule

Phenylpiracetam (brand name – Nanotropil®) – is a nootropic that is used to restore cognitive functions of the brain. It is included in the “racetam” group of nootropic drugs along with piracetam, oxiracetam, aniracetam, and pramiracetam. [12] Phenylpiracetam was synthesized from piracetam by adding a phenyl group to the substance, which determines a significant difference in the spectra of pharmacological activity of these drugs.

The popularity of Phenylpiracetam or Phenyl is largely due to its vivid stimulating effect, similar to the one that you may experience after drinking a cup of good coffee on a good day. Only much more intense and “pure”.

Phenylpiracetam exhibits several actions that can help relieve symptoms of cognitive deterioration: 

  1. Phenylpiracetam protects neurons from excess glutamate (excitotoxicity) due to its neuroprotective effect, thus preventing the death of cells;
  2. Through its neurometabolic action, Nanotropil (phenylpiracetam) improves energy supply to neurons; 
  3. Nanotropil restores synaptic transmission among neurons, resulting in nootropic, anti-asthenic and adaptogenic actions.

Phenylpiracetam Benefits and Mechanism of Action 

Pyrrolidone nootropics and, in particular, Phenotropil / Phenylpiracetam and Piracetam are endowed with the mechanisms of action which are close to natural and show their neurometabolic action. This is expressed in the facilitation of information flow between brain structures, increased synaptic transmission, increased level of wakefulness, enhanced absolute and relative power of EEG spectrum of the cortex and subcortical structures, in particular the hippocampus.

The mechanism of neurochemical effects of pyrrolidone nootropics is determined by the stimulation of metabolic, bioenergetic and plastic processes in the brain, including increased synthesis of protein and phospholipids and increased circulation rate of information molecules.

According to the official instructions [16] and supported by extensive research Phenylpiracetam is said to exhibit the following actions:  

  • Phenylpiracetam nootropic action is manifested in a pronounced anti-amnesic effect. It has a direct activating influence on integrative activity of the brain, promotes memory consolidation, improves concentration and mental performance, facilitates learning, increases the speed of information transfer between the cerebral hemispheres. 
  • Phenylpiracetam increases noradrenaline, dopamine and serotonin content in the brain. It does not affect the GABA level, does not bind to GABA-A and GABA-B receptors, and it does not have any significant effect on spontaneous bioelectrical activity of the brain. However, there are also some data revealing that S-phenylpiracetam selectively inhibits the dopamine transporter (DAT) without affecting norepinephrine (NE) or serotonin (5-HT) receptors. Also, there is evidence that the resemblance in chemical structure between piracetam and GABA indicates that piracetam is likely to exert GABAergic effects.
  • Phenylpiracetam is said to improve resistance of the brain tissue to toxic influences, it exhibits anticonvulsant and anxiolytic activity. Phenylpiracetam has a positive effect on metabolic processes, stimulates redox processes and increases the body’s energy potential by utilizing glucose. 
  • Phenylpiracetam stimulating effect is manifested in faster motor reactions and increased physical performance. The psychostimulatory effect is predominant in the ideational sphere. 
  • Against the background of taking Phenylpiracetam there may be an improvement in vision, which can be manifested by an increase in acuity and brightness of vision. Phenylpiracetam is said to improve blood supply to the lower extremities. 
  • Moderate psychostimulant effects of the drug are combined with its anxiolytic activity. Phenylpiracetam exhibits some analgesic effect, increasing the threshold of pain sensitivity.
  • Adaptogenic effect of Phenylpiracetam is manifested in increased resistance to stress in conditions of excessive mental and physical exertion, fatigue, hypokinesia and immobilization, at low temperatures. 
  • Phenylpiracetam is known to stimulate the production of antibodies in response to the introduction of the antigen, which is an indicator of the immunostimulatory properties. But at the same time Phenylpiracetam does not contribute to the development of immediate hypersensitivity and it does not alternate the allergic inflammatory skin reaction caused by the introduction of a foreign protein.

Phenylpiracetam Intended Uses

The list of symptoms which the drug is used for is quite wide [16]:

  • Deterioration of intellectual-mnestic functions that accompanies CNS disorders of various genesis;
  • Attention deficit and memory impairment caused by neurotic states and increased exhaustion;
  • Increased fatigue and overload of mental and physical capacity;
  • Depressive disorders of mild to moderate severity; 
  • Asthenic disorders (migraines, headaches);
  • ENT disorders (tinnitus, etc.);
  • Cerebral circulation disorders.

Phenylpiracetam is widely used in neurology, ENT, psychiatry, and in geriatrics. Below you will find answers to some frequently asked questions about the benefits that Phenylpiracetam can bring. 

Can I Use Phenylpiracetam for Studying?  

Phenylpiracetam can increase mental performance. So yes, it can be useful for studying for example before exams. 

The dosage of Phenylpiracetam pills recommended for these purposes by Dr Alexander Galushchak is 100-200mg (2 pills) once a day in the morning. This may help to keep the brain active in the first half of the day and cope with the information load without extra excitation. And the brain will be able to restore during the second half of the day.

The recommended treatment duration is 3-5-7 days prior to exams. 

In addition to that, Dr Anatoliy Fedin a Soviet and Russian neurologist and professor claims that Phenylpiracetam is also appreciated by students because just one pill an hour prior to an exam may help to relieve tension and clear your mind. 

What is the Use of Phenylpiracetam in Sports?

Phenylpiracetam can be of help for sports because it improves tolerance to oxygen deficiency in athletes, both in the brain and the whole body. Due to that when taking Phenylpiracetam capsules we can see a decrease in fatigue. This is beneficial both for the brain and for other body tissues. [4]

However since Phenylpiracetam is in the list of WADA as a stimulant, it is not recommended to take it prior to a serious competition. Phenylpiracetam half-life is 3-5 hours. It is not metabolized in the body and is excreted unchanged: about 40% is excreted with urine and 60% with bile and sweat. 

Can Phenylpiracetam be Used in the Treatment of Alcohol Addiction? 

Phenylpiracetam improves the body’s tolerance to intoxication of the brain and the tissues of the body in general. So when using Phenylpiracetam it is easier to endure the effects of intoxication. [11]

Many people use it to avoid feeling drunk and maintain self-control. 

Phenylpiracetam can be used in narcology as part of the detoxification treatment to help cope with severe withdrawal symptoms.

Can I Use Phenylpiracetam for Weight Loss? 

Phenylpiracetam has anorexigenic effect when used as a course of treatment. [16

The compound does not directly influence metabolism or endocrine profile of the body. But the effect of the drug on body weight reduction can be explained by lower appetite. It is important that this effect is not accompanied by any side effects. There are no cravings, and the feeling of hunger tends to be reduced. 

Since one of the effects of Phenylpiracetam is energy activation, when the activity of the person increases, the body starts burning more calories than it consumes. So there is a double action: more energy and appetite suppression. Thus the person loses weight. [15

Phenylpiracetam History of Development

The compound was developed at the Institute of Biomedical Problems in 1983 by a group of Soviet scientists led by Dr Valentina Akhapkina. She wanted to synthesize a pharmaceutical that could unleash the body’s energy without draining it. The new drug was studied in patients with craniocerebral injuries and circulatory disorders [6], glial formations [8], chronic cerebral vascular disease and multiple sclerosis [13] and other neurological disorders. It got the name of Phenotropil. 

Healthy people used it extensively to improve attention, concentration, and focus. Phenotropil was also used by astronauts at the Mir space station. Aleksandr Serebrov, a distinguished Soviet and Russian cosmonaut, used Phenylpiracetam during his 197-day flight. He said that Phenylpiracetam had a normalizing effect, i.e. it decreased impulsivity and irritability – conditions that are common during a long-term stay in space.

In addition Phenylpiracetam was taken by students during exams. Athletes also used Phenotropil as a stimulant, until the World Anti-Doping Agency listed the drug as a stimulant for athletes.

Suddenly in 2017 Phenotropil disappeared from the shelves. According to the creator of Phenotropil Dr Akhapkina, she revoked the license for production because the manufacturing company Valenta Pharm did not take active steps to further research the drug’s potential, even though she intended to introduce it into pediatrics practice, and develop new dosage forms, including injectable ones. 

Nanotropil Novo – a Generic of Phenotropil 

Phenylpiracetam review Nanotropil

The thing is that the patent for Phenotropil allows the creation of generic drugs based on the same active substance called fonturacetam. You might have seen such attempts, for instance Entrop from the Latvian company Olainfarm that also produces well-known nootropics such as Mildronate, PhenibutAdaptol, etc. 

In 2018, another analog of the drug was presented to the market by Valenta Pharm – Nanotropil Novo.

Nanotropil vs Phenotropil: What is the Difference?

Nanotropil is a new composition of N-carbamoylmethyl-4-phenyl-2-pyrrolidone. It differs from the usual fonturacetam in auxiliary substances, namely the addition of 4-phenylpyrrolidone-2 in the amount of 0.3% to 1%. Allegedly the additive allows to obtain a pharmaceutical with increased stability compared to Phenotropil, increased dissolution rate and decreased hygroscopicity (the ability to absorb moisture, because of which the drug could get damp). 

In essence Nanotropil Novo cannot be even called a generic because it is made by the same company using the same equipment as the original Phenotropil. Assumably, there should be no differences in bioavailability, degree of purification, technology, and manufacturing conditions. 

According to many anecdotal reviews, the old Phenotropil was more potent compared to the new Nanotropil Novo. 

Phenotropil is Available Again! 

However there are nootropic enthusiasts who have been waiting for the glorious return of the good old Phenotropil. There is good news for you – it is finally back! You can buy Phenotropil at CosmicNootropic now.

Penotropil package

But let us get back to the Phenylpiracetam review.    

Is Phenylpiracetam Safe to Take?

Phenylpiracetam is a generally safe nootropic. It does not exhibit teratogenic, mutagenic, carcinogenic and embryotoxic properties. Phenylpiracetam has low toxicity. The lethal dose in an acute experiment is 800 mg/kg. Comparing the doses in which Phenylpiracetam exhibits nootropic properties with its lethal dose, we can conclude that this drug has a fairly wide therapeutic range and low toxicity. [5]

Phenylpiracetam safety is supported by the fact that in low doses it is even prescribed by pediatricians to children from 14 y.o. The usual dosing is 50mg twice a day before 3 pm depending on a child’s condition. [7] Administration of Phenylpiracetam by children shall be conducted upon the doctor’s prescription and supervision only! 

How to Take Phenylpiracetam: Dosage Guide?

The most common regimen for taking Phenylpiracetam capsules that is prescribed by doctors and suggested by the official instructions is 100-200mg twice a day, after meals. The dosage can be built up to 750 mg per day. 

The duration of the Phenylpiracetam course starts from 2-3 weeks. The average course duration is 30 days. Phenylpiracetam long-term use may last for several months. Gradual reduction of dosage is preferable when ending the cycle.   

When Will I Feel First Effects: Phenylpiracetam Onset?

The onset of Phenylpiracetam action starts quite fast: 30-40 min after the first intake. It is convenient when you need a brain boost in extreme situations.

In 2004 the creator of fonturacetam (phenylpiracetam) Dr V. Akhapkina and a group of scientists conducted a research on the effects of Phenylpiracetam in 57 volunteer men working in stressful, extreme conditions. With the use of Phenotropil, asthenoneurotic, asthenic and astheno-depressive syndromes were subject to the greatest degree of reduction. The first distinct signs were already observed on the 2nd day of the therapy, and in extreme conditions, 5-6 hours after a single oral administration. [3]

How Long Does Phenylpiracetam Last?

The effect of Phenylpiracetam after a single intake lasts for 10-12 hours. That is why it is not recommended to take it before bedtime. The half-life is 45-50 minutes.

Can I Get Used to Phenylpiracetam: Tolerance?

Official instructions claim that the supplement does not build tolerance. However some anecdotal Phenylpiracetam reddit reviews argue the opposite. In that sense it is important to mark the distinction between the two Phenylpiracetam effects, namely: nootropic and psychostimulant. 

While tolerance can be built up to the psychostimulant effect of Phenylpiracetam, there is generally no tolerance to Phenylpiracetam nootropic action. On the contrary, its nootropic effect develops over time, similar to Piracetam, which shall be taken several times a day for at least a month before the intended cognitive effects are manifested to the full. 

This is the reason why athletes usually start taking Phenylpiracetam for 3 days in total, not more than that if they aim to increase stamina and prepare for extreme situations. During this short period the body supposedly does not have time to develop tolerance to the psychostimulating effect which is even sometimes called a “side effect”. You might be interested in reading this Phenylpiracetam review on Reddit to delve into the discussion of the subject.

If you build up tolerance to Phenylpiracetam easily, some users advise gradually reducing the dose and taking a break from the treatment for several weeks. After that the cycle can be restarted again.

Phenylpiracetam Megadose

Maximum daily dose of Phenylpiracetam is 800mg (8 tablets). Phenylpiracetam megadose is prescribed rarely when a particular condition requires such treatment. The supervision by an attending physician is necessary in this case. 

Phenylpiracetam Interactions and Stacks

Phenylpiracetam is said to neutralize the effects of neuroleptics and opiates. Thus, simultaneous use with this group of drugs is not indicated. 

Phenylpiracetam can also enhance the effect of CNS stimulators, antidepressants, and nootropics. That is why Phenylpiracetam stacks with other products for biohacking are quite popular. However it is advisable to be careful with combinations that may potentiate accumulative effects because there have been no studies of such stacks. 

What are the Side Effects of Phenylpiracetam?

Since Phenylpiracetam provides excitation of the nervous system, it can also cause exacerbation of anxiety in patients with a history of this condition. Similarly concurrent use of Phenylpiracetam and caffeine or other stimulators may increase the likelihood of having jitter or anxiety. 

The supplement can disturb the sleep patterns of people who have already suffered from it. For this reason it is recommended to be taken in the first half of the day. 

Additionally Phenylpiracetam can evoke changes in vascular tone. This may lead to a feeling of heat or warmth. A person may experience heart palpitations, and burning sensations. Allergic reactions like sweating or swelling are possible as well. 

However side effects tend to subside when the Phenylpiracetam cycle is discontinued for some period of time. After 2-3 days the course can be recommenced in lower doses if necessary.

Can Phenylpiracetam Cause Headache?

Phenylpiracetam is said to reduce the severity of headache and general fatigue after 14 days of therapy in patients with cognitive impairment and/or depression after traumatic brain injury, and in encephalopathies of various etiologies [6,10].

However there are quite a few anecdotal reports about Phenylpiracetam among Redditors who say that sometimes they tend to have a headache after using it. In that case supplementing piracetams including Phenylpiracetam with choline can be a solution. 

Can I Drive a Car While on Phenylpiracetam?

Phenylpiracetam improves attention. However the administration of Phenylpiracetam in patients with excessive psycho-emotional exhaustion may cause drowsiness in the first days of use. Therefore it is recommended to take caution when driving a car or carrying out jobs that require quick psychomotor reactions. 

Phenylpiracetam Reviews and Anecdotal Experiences

Since it is a very popular compound there are many Phenylpiracetam reviews and personal experiences of the product in various modes and dosages and obtained from different vendors. We decided to give links to some of the most interesting ones. 

For example, here a person describes their Phenylpiracetam experiences with various doses (from 100mg up to 600mg). And this is a student’s review of Phenylpiracetam 200mg in comparison to Adderall and Ritalin. In this review a person is sharing an experience of Phenylpiracetam to prevent dopamine downregulation; you can also find some interesting Phenylpiracetam stack advice there. Another combination that is suggested by users is Semax & Phenylpiracetam which can indeed be quite effective and safe. And a review of Phenylpiracetam 100mg course can be interesting to read as well. Phenylpiracetam against social anxiety is also discussed extensively on Reddit. 

Phenylpiracetam Official Instruction

Phenylpiracetam (pills) | [Official Instruction]

What is Phenylpiracetam Legal Status? 

Phenylpiracetam can be legally obtained in some of the post CIS countries over the counter. However if you do not have access to Phenylpiracetam in stores, you can purchase it online. 

Phenylpiracetam is not approved by the FDA for medical purposes. Thus it cannot be prescribed as a pharmaceutical in the United States. But since Phenylpiracetam is an uncontrolled and unscheduled substance, it means that it can be bought without prescription for research purposes online.

Where Can I Get Phenylpiracetam in the US, Canada, or the EU?

The best place to buy Phenylpiracetam of high quality is CosmicNootropic. We offer bulk discounts, fast US delivery and worldwide shipping! There are two forms that are available to purchase: Phenotropil pills and Nanotropil pills.  

If you are looking for alternative versions, for example Phenylpiracetam powder, you will not find it at CosmicNootropic because we only sell pharmacy grade nootropics that have undergone all phases of clinical trials and that are successfully used in medical practice for an extensive period of time. 


General effects of Phenylpiracetam in relatively healthy individuals can be summed up as follows: motivation to work and create. Phenylpiracetam can indeed give you an opportunity to make some progress in self-development due to increased energy, motivation and formation of new neuronal connections. 

But it will probably not work if you just take it and sit on the couch, waiting for the miracle to come. In fact, this principle applies to all nootropics. None of the existing substances can act as a “magic pill” capable of changing your thinking. But Phenyl is a great way to support it!

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