Is my Cerebrolysin original?

Cerebrolysin is a high-quality product that is designed to treat neurological conditions. Original Cerebrolysin is produced by EverPharma. Sometimes counterfeiters copy the external layout of the box. But it may contain dangerous compounds inside. So it’s important to make sure you obtain your product from a trustworthy vendor. 

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Please note that Cerebrolysin is now released without a hologram on the pack. Packs with holograms are from older batches. You can compare the design of the old and new batch in the pictures below.

Original Cerebrolysin old design
Old design. Source:
Original Cerebrolysin new design
New design. Source:

Is it normal that the seal on the Product box is open? 

We received similar question from some clients and decided to answer it here and on Reddit.
The box has a dotted-cut narrow film. It does not have protective or verifying purposes. And it is very fragile. Until the parcel gets to the final point of destination it goes through many stages: 

  1. → production, 
  2. → distribution,  
  3. → whole-sale procurement,  
  4. → shipping,  
  5. → customs inspection,  
  6. → allocation at the USA warehouse,  
  7. → then shipping to the client address.

During this long journey the delicate film can easily be tampered or torn at the slightest pressure. This does not affect the quality of the product or the integrity of the ampoules in the box. 

Besides, the individual packaging of the ampoules (the secondary packaging) is also sealed profoundly. Please check the photos above.

The cartoon boxes with medications are usually not sealed, so that the person could read the instructions inside the package before buying it. It is true for Cerebrolysin as well. So there is no need to be concerned about the quality or integrity of the product inside the box if the fragile film is tampered. 

How can I verify the authenticity of my Cerebrolysin? 

You can verify the authenticity of the drug on the official product page by sending an email to [email protected].

Or you can contact us at [email protected] and we will assist you.

Can Cosmic Nootropic provide the CoA of Cerebrolysin?

Yes. Please find the Certificate of Analysis (CoA) of Cerebrolysin 2ml, 5ml and 10ml below.

How to inject Cerebrolysin? 

The main ways of administering the medication, which are indicated in the instructions are intramuscular (IM) and intravenous (IV).

Original Cerebrolysin MoA

How to make intramuscular (IM) injections? 

All manipulations are carried out in gloves. First, you need to choose the site where the injection will be made:

  • Hip,
  • Deltoid,
  • Femoral, front thigh.

It is preferable to choose the gluteal region if you don’t have enough experience. The buttock is mentally divided into four squares. The injection is placed in the upper outer square. It is better to alternate the injection sites. For example if yesterday you made an injection in the right buttock, today – do it in the left one.

Original Cerebrolysin IM injection
  1. Before injection, treat the selected site with a cotton swab dipped in medical alcohol. Wipe in a circular motion from center to periphery.
  2. Before starting the procedure, tap the syringe slightly, lifting it with the needle up. Then press the plunger until all the air is out of the syringe.
  3. Stretch the skin at the site of the intended injection with your hand. Take the syringe in another hand, lift it up a little and sharply insert the needle at 2/3 of its length. During injection, insert the needle perpendicular to the surface of the body.
  4. The injection should be quick, because if you insert the needle slowly, it will be more painful.
  5. Then press down on the plunger to slowly get the medicine into the muscle. The optimal injection rate is 1 ml in 10 seconds.
  6. After that, quickly remove the needle and put the cap on it. Only in this form can the syringe be thrown away.
  7. It is recommended to massage the injection site so that the drug is better absorbed into the tissue. Re-treat the area into which the injection was made with a cotton swab dipped in an alcohol solution. This is done in order to prevent infection.

The medicine is best taken before lunch, like any nootropic drugs.

What size of needle should I choose for an injection? 

The concept of “needle size” has two important parameters: its diameter (or gauge) and its length.

  • Gauge – The thickness of the needle depends on its gauge. If the gauge is low, the diameter is wide. If the gauge is high, it means that the needle is narrow. The diameter of the needle determines how fast the fluid can flow out of the syringe and how large the puncture area will be. Obviously, the smaller the needle diameter, the less painful the puncture is. At the same time, the thinner the needle, the longer it will take for the fluid to flow out of the syringe. Thus injecting a significant volume of, say, 4 ml, can be difficult with a needle that is too thin. Therefore, a reasonable compromise must be made when it comes to needle diameter. When choosing a needle gauge, take into account the type of medication you want to inject as well as the part of the body the needle has to pass through. 
  • Length – Needles have different lengths. When it comes to choosing the length of the needle, consider the injection site. Longer needles are used when introducing drugs to the deeper part of the body such as intramuscular injections. Thus if the needle is too short, it may simply not reach the muscle.

There are no specific recommendations from the producer of Cerebrolysin or Cortexin on what needle size to choose because it highly depends on the spot you want to inject it in and the person’s complexion. However the most commonly recommended needle size for intramuscular injections ranges from 18G to 25G. The injections are to be made slowly over 3 minutes. 

Needle gauges
Needle gauges for injections chart size – infographic elements with different types of hypodermic needles isolated on white background. Vector illustration in flat design style

Should I use filtered needles when injecting Cerebrolysin or Cortexin? 

Some people are concerned that when breaking a vial small pieces of glass may get into the solution. There are ongoing debates among nootropic enthusiasts on that subject. 

EverPharma, the producer of Cerebrolysin, does not give specific recommendations that one needs to use filtered needles when aspirating Cerebrolysin from its glass ampoules. However if you are still worried about glass particle contamination, then filter needles are the most reliable precaution you can take. But bear in mind that this type of needle is more expensive compared to regular ones. As a less costly option you may simply want to consider using regular needles of smaller diameter. 

We also come across discussions on Reddit where people ask if filtered needles can prevent prions from getting into the body when injecting Cerebrolysin. For more information on prion infection possibility please go to this article.

If you want to comment on the subject or share your experience please go to Reddit.

How to make an intravenous (IV) infusion? 

IV route of administration is the fastest way of getting the medication into the bloodstream. That’s why some people lean toward this mode of administration rather than IM. The most commonly used spots for an IV infusion/injection are: cubital fossa and hand dorsum. 

Original Cerebrolysin IV infusion
IV infusion set

It is convenient to obtain a medical set for the IV infusion to perform the procedure at home. Throughout the entire procedure of infusing the medication into the venous cavity, it is necessary to monitor the person’s general condition. So it would be better if somebody could assist you. 

There are many videos on YouTube on how to perform the procedure. However if you want to inject Cerebrolysin intravenously the best option would be to turn to professional medical aid.

Below you will find the official instructions on the duration of IV route of administration of Cerebrolysin:

IV infusion
10ml – 50mlDiluted to at least 100ml total volume with Saline, Ringer solution or 5% glucose solutionInfuse slowly within 15 minutes
IV injection
up to 10mlUndilutedInject slowly for 3 minutes
Original Cerebrolysin dilution for infusion

Sterility Precaution

Special precautions from the producer to guarantee sterility must be taken during the dilution and administration of Cerebrolysin:

  • Remove the solution from an ampoule immediately prior to use;
  • Do not leave an open ampoule on the treatment table;
  • Always use disposable one-way IV infusion sets and cannulas;
  • When Cerebrolysin is administered via a long-term IV catheter, the catheter has to be rinsed before and after the application with physiological sodium chloride solution;
  • Pay special attention to recommended infusion/injection times indicated above.

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