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MitoVitan® Active is an anti-age concentrate based on SkQ1 antioxidant (Skulachev Ions). In contrast to the common nondirectional antioxidants Skulachev Ions target the mitochondria directly and reduce free radicals activity at the cellular level, therefore interrupting the aging program. The effectiveness of the SkQ1 is said to be 1000 times higher than that of other well-known antioxidants, including famous coenzyme Q10. Fast US domestic shipping is available.

Chemically very similar to Choline, Pramistar® (Pramiracetam) stimulates the formation of nitric oxide, a powerful vasodilator, which is crucial for short-term memory. It also has an effect on neuropeptide mediation. As a result, it improves memory and learning processes. Fast US domestic shipping is available.



Trimetazidine-Teva® is an antihypoxic drug stimulating the metabolism of the myocardium and sensorineural organs in case of ischemia. Trimetazidine is usually prescribed as a long-term treatment of angina pectoris, and in some countries (including France) for tinnitus and dizziness. Controlled studies in angina patients have shown that Trimetazidine increases coronary flow reserve, thereby delaying the onset of ischemia.

Exomitin® (SkQ1) is designed to help treat skin damages and problems, including burns and scars. Exomitin improves the skin health, restores its regenerative functions, accelerates tissue repair. It also increases antioxidant defense of skin cells. The use of hydrogel provides proper skin care and improves skin resistance to adverse environmental factors.

Persen® is a sedative and antispasmodic herbal drug. It's used to alleviate neurosis accompanied by stress, impaired attention, anxiety and insomnia if there is no need in a more extended and serious treatment. Persen can be used as a replacement therapy after the withdrawal from strong sedatives. It has also proved to be effective in dysautonomia treatment.