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If you are first venturing into the world of nootropic supplements, you should definitely start here. This page will get you acquainted with the products groups we are selling and show you the most notable examples from each one. To learn more about each group, just follow the links!


can be used to alleviate anxiety. Namely, these supplements are used to address such problems as irritability, nervousness, social anxiety, insomnia, restlessness, constant stress, etc. Some may go as far as saying that anxiolytics are necessary if you are living in a large city or have a stressful job.

Noticeable mentions are: Selank, Afobazole, Phenibut, Picamilon, Grandaxin, Stresam, Motherwort.

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will help to improve cognitive functions, particularly executive functions, memory, creativity, or motivation. These are not magical brain pills that will make you a genius. However, they are often prescribed to people with brain or central nervous system related issues and are a staple choice for students who want to improve their cognition and memory.

Here are some of our best-selling nootropics: Cerebrolysin, Semax, Cortexin, Noopept, Pantogam Active, Piracetam, and Pantocalcin.

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Everybody’s brain chemistry is unique, therefore it is hardly possible to guarantee if this or that product will work for you the way you want. Despite this, we think that those that we mentioned are the ones that you should try first if you haven’t done so already.

Energy products and Adaptogens

can be used to fight chronic fatigue, asthenia and increase endurance. Some of these products are frequently used by athletes to improve their performance and help with the recovery after competitions.

They also can be used to improve the body’s capabilities towards adverse conditions, like extremely hot or cold environments, high-altitude, demanding (both mentally and physically) work, or training. As the name suggests these supplements help us to adapt to unusual or harsh conditions we may find ourselves in.

They include: Mildronate (Meldonium), Bemitil, Hypoxen, Trekrezan, Actovegin, Rhodiola Rosea, Aralia, Ginseng, Siberian Ginseng, and Schisandra Chinesis.

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Quit Addiction products

that can be used to alleviate withdrawal symptoms of Nicotine and Alcohol. The name says it all, these products will help you to quit harmful addictions, even without using nicotine gums or patches.

These pharmaceuticals have been shown to help with nicotine cravings: Tabex (Cytisine) is a smoking cessation drug that has been used for 40 years in Eastern Europe; it has a strong binding affinity for the nicotinic acetylcholine receptor, and Adaptol.

These pharmaceuticals have been shown to help with alcohol cravings: Hypoxen; Picamilon; Grandaxin; Mexidol.

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Organic herbal products

for those customers that prefer traditional supplements. All of the products in this group have been well known for decades or even centuries. Some of them have nootropic effects, some have anxiolytic effects, some are adaptogens.

The products in this section can be used as:

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Bioregulators and peptide pharmaceuticals

for those customers who want to try side-effects-free supplements obtained through processes of isolation and purification of animal organs and tissues: Cerebrolysin, Semax, Selank, Cortexin, and Thymalin, as well as Cytamins, Cytomaxes, and Cytogens.

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Immune stimulants

can be extremely useful to give your immune system a boost during stressful times or cold parts of the year. If you are suffering from frequent illnesses, overall feeling of tiredness, lack of motivation, and other symptoms attributed to a weakened organism you can take a look at: Thymalin, Trekrezan, Thymogen.

The products here are used for the following purposes:

  • to normalize the immune system and prevent frequent illnesses and overall feeling of tiredness as well as other symptoms attributed to a weakened organism;
  • to accelerate the recovery process during illnesses by fostering body production of interferon (proteins essential for anti-viral defence).

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are vital substances that protect the cells of our body from both external and internal toxic effects. They help to maintain general health, generate energy, fight infections, accelerate recovery, reduce tissue damage, detoxify chemicals and contaminants and even increase life expectancy.

Some noticeable mentions are: Bemitil, Hypoxen, Shilajit, Befungin (Chaga Mushroom), Mexidol, as well as Visomitin, MitoVitan Active, MitoVitan Serum, and Exomitin.

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Reproductive Health products

help to restore and maintain reproductive function in the stressful environment of today’s world.

We have peptide supplements – Vitaprost and Prostatilen (pills, suppositories, and injections); herbal remedies – Vuka Vuka and Effex Tribulus (Tribulus Terrestris Extract); products of animal origin – Pantocrinum.

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Anti-aging products

Aging can not be prevented, but it can and should be slowed down or postponed. Minor or major injuries are fairly common, but they can and should be treated fast. In this selection, you will find all the necessary means in order to look and feel young and healthy as well as professional regenerating and healing pharmaceuticals. Pay particular attention to the revolutionary SkQ1 product line based on the mitochondrial antioxidant.

We have a number of interesting products: Befungin (Chaga Mushroom), Shilajit, Cytamins, Cytomaxes, Cytogens, Cerebrolysin, Semax, Cortexin, Thymalin, as well as Visomitin, MitoVitan Active, MitoVitan Serum, and Exomitin.

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Eye care

Vision is perhaps the most important sense. Nowadays, maintaining healthy vision is more difficult than ever because we all use smartphones and computers, experience stress and often have a sedentary lifestyle. Sometimes, these factors lead to a so-called dry eye syndrome as well as serious eye diseases or visual impairment. In such cases many decide to buy eye care supplements.

In this category we offer several different products, including Visomitin, Retinalamin, Eye Vitamins, and several peptides.

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Skin care

Our skin is a natural barrier between our body and external environment. While protecting us it takes damage every day. Our skin can become problematic, when our body has health problems or when we are exposed to longer periods of direct sunshine, cold or dry air.

These products will keep your natural shield up: Exomitin, MitoVitan Active, MitoVitan Serum, BBS Cosmetic Placental extract.

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